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    Bargain Weekend Breaks Scotland in Pitlochry. Save More, Do More at Rosemount Hotel

    Looking for Top-Notch Deals for a Weekend Break in Pitlochry

    When it comes to seeking out the finest weekend breaks it could be argued that the most exceptional ones are those which offer both significant savings on accommodation and also provide incredible activities. This way, trip becomes tranformed from a mere inexpensive weekend escape to an unforgettable experience. Rosemount Hotel offers Bargain weekend breaks in Pitlochry Scotland for stays of more than one night.

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    Take a Walk through some of the UK's most stunning scenery

    Loch Faskally is precisely one mile from our door. The scenery changes around each corner and is quite idyllic


    Magnificent Ben Vrackie is a highly popular hill climb offering one of many local, elevated walks.

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    Things to do
    within a short walk
    distillery, dam, shops and cafes,

    When "having a potter" is the order of the day, Pitlochry town and immediate locality is packed with great things to do

    just a short drive away
    lochs, castles, shopping, nature

    Natural beauty, history, whisky production, high-end shopping at House of Bruar and a variety of outdoor pursuits are here at your fingertips. Why not ask us for some ideas?

    Blair Castle Perthshire
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    Rosemount Hotel
    Breakfast, Dinner
    Dinner menu - Rosemount Hotel

    Many guests take advantage of weekend discounts of up to 15% for stays of more than one night and enjoy complimentary nights for stays lasting more than 4 nights. 

    “The First 5 Days after the weekend are always the hardest!” . . .  Anon.

    Escape the Day-to-Day. Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry Budget-Friendly Weekend Breaks

    With a variety of room options available, our guests have the flexibility to decide on the perfect choice that suits their preference for amenity and budget. They can seize an incredible price offer and reserve one of our Economy or Regular rooms, which are meticulously maintained and offer excellent service. Alternatively, they can take advantage of the additional amenities, spaciousness, and comfort provided by our Premium rooms or Junior Suites, utilizing the savings for a more comfortable and cosy experience.


    Affordable adventure. exciting Active Weekend Breaks in Pitlochry

    So . . . What of the amazing things to do in Pitlochry that turn a bargain weekend break in Scotland into a memorable point in the year? Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply seeking adventure, Pitlochry has something for everyone. Let’s explore some of the amazing things you can do in this picturesque town. So, just take a look at the possibilities that can transform a budget-friendly weekend getaway into a truly unforgettable experience.

    First and foremost, nature lovers will be delighted by the stunning landscapes surrounding Pitlochry. The town is nestled amidst the beautiful Scottish Highlands, making it an ideal base for hiking enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic trails of Ben Vrackie or conquer the more challenging trek up Schiehallion to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. A Pitlochry Nature holiday will uplift and revive you, restoring faith that a greater sceme of things is still thriving in Scotland.

    For a touch of history and culture, a visit to Blair Castle is a must. This grand edifice, dating back to the 13th century, is steeped in Scottish heritage and offers guided tours that will transport you back in time. Explore the opulent rooms, discover the castle’s fascinating history, and marvel at the impressive collections of art and antiques.

    If you’re in the mood for some adrenaline-pumping activities, Pitlochry has plenty to offer. Thrill-seekers can try their hand at canyoning, an exhilarating sport that involves navigating through gorges, waterfalls, and natural rock formations. Alternatively, you can opt for white-water rafting on the fast-flowing River Tay, providing an unforgettable adventure for both beginners and experienced rafters.

    Carve a More Relaxed Weekend Break 

    For a more relaxed experience on your weekend break, why not take a scenic drive along the famous Highland Perthshire Tourist Route from Pitlochry? This 80-mile route takes you through picturesque villages, majestic forests, and tranquil lochs, showcasing the region’s natural beauty at its finest. Along the way, you can make stops to explore quaint craft shops, sample local delicacies, or simply soak in the serene atmosphere.

    Pitlochry is also known for its vibrant arts scene. The town boasts a number of galleries and theaters, offering a variety of cultural experiences. Catch a captivating play at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, known for its high-quality productions, or browse the local art galleries to admire the works of talented Scottish artists.

    Lastly, no visit to Pitlochry would be complete without indulging in some whisky tasting. The town is home to a distillery that produces its own single malt Scotch whisky. Take a tour to learn about the whisky-making process, sample different varieties, and perhaps even bring home a bottle as a cherished souvenir.

    In conclusion, Pitlochry offers an array of incredible activities that can transform an ordinary weekend break into an extraordinary one. From immersing yourself in nature’s beauty, exploring historical landmarks, and indulging in thrilling adventures to embracing the region’s arts and culture, Pitlochry truly has something for everyone. So, why not make this charming Scottish town your next destination and create memories that will last a lifetime?

    cycling in Pitlochry
    view over Foss Road for Spardon Wood
    Splash White Water Rafting
    Cycle Perthshire.
    On and off-Road
    Fabulous Fishing
    Walk on the Wild Side
    Stay within easy reach of some of the
    UK's finest courses
    Enjoy the Big
    of Rain
    Just Have Fun!
    Do What Makes You Smile for a while!
    Bungee at Killiecrankie
    Cycle Off-Road
    Wildlife Safaris and Ghillie Days
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    Perthshire enjoys an excellent provision of invigorating fresh air, thrills and spills amidst stunning settings, Includes rafting, canyoning, on/off-road cycling, off road driving, golf, hiking and kyaking - to name but a few. All are bookable in conjunction with a break at Rosemount Hotel
    A vast network of cycle routes through stunning countryside laces the Perthshire area. Off road routes are becoming increasingly well documented too. Rosemount Hotel is please to offer cycle storage and flexible mealtimes along with loans of maps and suggestions for routes along with some cracking good accommodation deals
    Local fishing is based around the Tummel, Tay and Garry rivers with a good few small lochs also within easy drive. We provide early/late breakfast and late dinner to allow our fishing guests the best time at their beat. We can offer assistance and advise with booking fishing permits and fishing beats.
    Perthshire is a paradise for walkers with walks, hikes and trails through many kinds of stunning terrain from flat loch and riverside, to munros and corbetts with forestry, tumbling waterfalls and rapids enroute. Rosemount is very popular amongst walkers for its facilities, location, comfort, flexibility and friendly service
    Rosemount Hotel is ideally situated for a Perthshire golf break and for golf courses in central Scotland, generally. Scotland is the only golfing region where you can experience rolling plains, dramatic seascapes, towering hills, meandering glens whilst facing the challenge of some of the world’s most exciting courses in all seasons
    Every guest that has returned after an expedition over local rapids by raft or kyak glows with enthusiasm for this thrilling pursuit.over the amazing white-water resources of our two local rafting rivers, which are world-class locations for the activity.. Rosemount backs this up with best value accommodation packages, flexible mealtimes and great info.
    For drivers of all ages and ability: Learn and be amazed at the incredible abilities of these offroad vehicles. Drive a 4×4 up vertical ascents, crash down rocky escarpments, through tumbling rivers and charge over hillcrests. You’ll come away feeling you’ve achieved the impossible. Alternatively, a Quad bike trek through miles of fabulous scenery with wildlife sightings and interesting and challenging terrain.
    The ultimate adrenalin fix in a stunning location . . . Ok, so gorgeous backdrop may not be so relevant until you show the video, for added artistic effect. It will be with enormous admiration that we wave you off the morning of your test of nerve – and great relief when we see you return to our door:-)
    Highland Perthshire offers an impressive choice of off-road cycle trails, 16 routes, approved by landowners, have been recorded in special off road cycle trail cards which feature accessible routes, ranging from easy flat riverside paths to more challenging treks into the hills.. We are one hours drive from the fabulous off-road facility, WOLFTRAX, at Laggan
    . . . .COMING SOON . . .

    Bargain Pet Friendly Breaks in Pitlochry

    One of the hardest things about having a four legged creature or two as family members is that they will have found a way to your heart and leaving them, even for a few days, might make you quite anxious. Whereas, bringing them along will only add to the pleasure of your weekend break.

    At Rosemount, we believe we have one of the best offerings for pet friendly accommodation in Pitlochry area. Pets are acknowledged as important family members and treated as guests. Dogs may dine with owners in designated areas and are spoiled rotten by our staff. Truth is, we’re nuts about dogs and love it when guests bring their furry wee’ns to stay.

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    view over Foss Road for Spardon Wood
    Morning Stroll

    Morning mists, plenty of fresh air and stunning scenery . . . All for FREE on a dog friendly holiday at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Ben Vrackie Walk

    Ben Vrackie is a fabulous 3 hr walk from Rosemount with small Lochan for safe swimming for the dog. Views are stunning

    Braes of Killiecrankie Walk

    A fabulous, multi-staged walk through stunning scenery with safe swimming and running areas for the dog.

    Pitlochry Dog Friendly Accommodation and Fabulous Walks

    There are many fabulous walks and safe swimming within just 5 minutes from
    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Linn of Tummel along from Coronation Bridge - copy - copy - copy

    The Linn of Tummel, along from the Coronation Bridge on the Killiecrankie/ Beallach Walk

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    Recharge and Relax. Affordable Bargains for a Weekend Getaway in Pitlochry


    Sometimes, just breathing fresh air and seeing gorgeous scenery is enough. Well, there’s no shortage of supply in Perthshire for this very thing. We have plenty of suggestions, but here are just a few:-

    Pitlochry Walks

    Black Spout Wood Walk

    Take a leisurely saunter through shaded, mossy woodland to a delightful waterfall. This walk can be enjoyed directly from Rosemount Hotel as a circuit of around 5 miles. Alternatively, if you prefer a shorter and more straightforward route, there is a car park located at the foot of the Black Spout Woods for a shortened, linear walk.

    For those seeking a lengthier adventure, continue onwards to Edradour Distillery and relish the picturesque downhill amble back into town. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring views along the way. Don’t forget to indulge in some refreshments at either the Moulin Inn or Pitlochry Golf Club during your journey.

    Ben Vrackie, Beallach-na-Searmoin, Ben y Ghlo and Craigower Hill

    Fabulous scenic hillwalks with a range of degrees of challenge. These may be taken as circuit walks from our door, or there is a car park at the base of Ben Vrackie.

    Ben Vrackie is a well known and much-admired hill which forms the ever-changing and scenic northerly landscape to the bustling resort town of Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire. Because “the Ben” sits to the north of the town, the sun lights its rugged southerly aspect, emphasising the contrast between greens, purples and greys in an ever-moving and dramatic way. All this against an equally dynamic and stunningly contrasting sky.



    Ben Vrackie translates as `speckled mountain` and comes from a time when white quartz rocks were scattered across its slopes. On a good clear day the view from the summit of 2,757 ft (841 m) is tremendous with the Beinn a Ghlo range to the north and the sweep of Strathtay and Strathtummel to the west. In exceptional conditions it is even possible to see Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

    The walk to the summit of this imposing backdrop to Pitlochry town (sometimes known as Ben y Vrackie)  is approximately 3 hours  there and back from Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry. The path is well-constructed for most of the route, passing beside Moulin Burn and then across heather moorland.  A Lochan situated two thirds of the way up provides good safe swimming for dogs – an ideal cooler on a hot day. The final section is more demanding, but worth a little effort in return for the rewarding views. Red grouse and red deer live on the hillside and sometimes a flash of white can indicate the presence of the shy mountain hare.

    Loch Dunmore

    Loch Dunmore

    Loch Dunmore, located near Pitlochry, is a picturesque and tranquil spot surrounded by mixed woodland and teeming with wildlife, making it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts, photographers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat, where visitors can spot Red Squirrels, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Owls, and beautiful water birds. There is a car park at Loch Dunmore, which is around 2 miles from Rosemount Hotel.

    The Pass of Killiecrankie

    An impressive , tree-lined gorge which is simply breathtaking in Autumn, but beautiful all year around.

    The Pass of Killiecrankie is a picturesque gorge near the village of Killiecrankie, just a few miles from Pitlochry. This famous landmark is renowned for its natural beauty and historical significance. The gorge is nestled between steep cliffs and onlookers, from the Garry Bridge, are treated breathtaking aerial views of the River Garry as it flows through the narrow valley.

    In addition to its stunning scenery, the Pass of Killiecrankie is also associated with the Battle of Killiecrankie that took place in 1689 during the Jacobite uprising. This battle was a significant event in Scottish history as it marked a major victory for the Jacobites against the government troops of the day. tables tunred, however, as they faced ultimate defeat, over 50 years later, at the Battle of Culloden.

    Brief History of the Jacobites

    A century of bloodshed began with a family feud. King James VII (King James II in England) would be the last Roman Catholic monarch on these islands. His downfall came at the hands of his daughter Mary and his son-in-law, a Dutch Protestant called William of Orange, who became joint monarchs.

    Civil war was a constant threat as Scotland, Ireland and England struggled to find a way to live and prosper together. By 1688 the divisions were so deep that King James VII of Scotland and II of England, a Catholic and a Stuart, had to flee to France.

    The English and Scottish parliaments invited William of Orange (James’s nephew) and his wife Mary to come from Europe to rule in James’s place. During the constitutional upheaval, the Scottish parliament made Presbyterianism the state religion in Scotland, overthrowing the Protestant Episcopal Church.

    James’s supporters in Scotland would rise up together to challenge the new king and try to restore James to the throne.

    Today, the Pass of Killiecrankie is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors with its picturesque landscapes, hiking trails, and opportunities for wildlife spotting. Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the stunning Scottish scenery, the Pass of Killiecrankie is a must-visit destination.

    This is one of the most enchanting of the Pitlochry Walks. It is alocated along an 11 -mile circuit walk. Car parking is dotted along the route for shorter walks.

    Explore Pitlochry and Beyond. Car Trips From Pitlochry for a Weekend Break

    House of Bruar and the Falls of Bruar

    A pleasing combination of top-end visitor facility with a delightful walk passing two waterfalls. The House of Bruar is just 8 miles from Pitlochry.

    Queens View

    Your Pitlochry Weekend Break will not be complete without a trip to this “must-visit” place during holidays in the Pitlochry area. The panoramic view has been described as “spine-tingling”. It would be necessary to drive or cycle to Queen’s View from Pitlochry (5 miles)

    Allean Forest Walk

    Near to Queen’s View. A steady uphill walk, passing an abandoned crofting farmstead enroute.  By just standing in its midst, Visitors may gain a fascinating insight into the realities of living in this area in days gone by. Wonderful views over Loch Tummel towards Schiehallion on the horizon.

    bargain breaks in Pitlochry

    Glen Lyon

    Often described as the most beautiful Glen in Scotland, Glen Lyon is a treat for the eyes from beginning to end. Please take a trip along this beautiful landscape during your Pitlochry holiday. You can drive onwards to Loch Tay and Kenmore, then on to Aberfeldy, the Spirit of Wood, Dewars Distillery and the Highland Chocolatier. A fabulous day out.

    Easy breaks Scotland - Glen Lyon

    Kenmore and Loch Tay

    Taymouth Marina (personally recommended!), Mains of Taymouth Visitor Centre and Restaurant and the Crannog Centre all set on the shores of Loch Tay. There is plenty to enjoy at Kenmore.

    Aberfeldy and Strathtay

    A quaint Highland town with independent shops, arty cafes and an art-house style cinema. Although the town is only 20 minutes direct drive away, there are several beautiful, scenic routes that we recommend our guests to take with many points of interest, eateries and viewpoints enroute. All in all – a full day of feasting the eyes, the soul and the belly!

    Visitor Attractions in and Around Pitlochry

    Blair Atholl, with Blair Castle

    Blair Castle and Gardens is a complete visitor attraction, in itself. Located only 5 miles from Pitlochry, it is an ideal visitor desintaion for a Weekend Break in Pitlochry. This magnificent edifice comprises  picture-perfect stately home which encapsulates the history of the area in a fascinating and informative tour. Additionally there are tours of the estate and gorgeous walks, of varying length and challenge, all with stunning views. Pony treks run throughout the main season too. The hamlet of Blair Atholl also provides a visitor centre and country life museum. You’ll find a working watermill and tearoom and stunning Glen Tilt walks. Here, there’s a true wilderness lying so so close to the comfort and convenience of the north Perthshire resorts. There is plenty enough to spend a whole day exploring in this delightful hamlet. Just a few miles from Pitlochry.

    Blair Atholl and Glen Tilt

    The Highland Chocolatier

    Enroute back to Pitlochry from Aberfeldy, treat yourself to some exquisite chocolate made in situ. Quality Gift Shop. Additionally, take a moment to pop over the road to see the rapids.

    Bargain Weekend Breaks in Pitlochry Scotland

    There is a great deal of sense in booking cheaper weekend breaks in Pitlochry  After all, its an easy way to simply stretch the budget to include some of the fabulous activities available in the area. We certainly hope we are going to see you some time. It would be our genuine pleasure to suggest some fabulous activities to turn your weekend into something to remember.


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