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    Pitlochry Hotel Voucher for a stay at Rosemount

    As a popularly requested service, Rosemount Hotel, Pitlochry are pleased to announce that we now offer a Pitlochry Hotel Voucher for purchase. These are redeemable as payment towards any of our services, including accommodation, food and refreshments.

    Tailor Made Hotel  Vouchers make the Perfect Gift

    There’s no need to worry about a gift for your nearest and dearest!

    We believe we have come up with the perfect solution. How about enabling them to turn your gift into an enjoyable break away, giving them the flexibility to use it as they would wish? In these days when we all tend to become bogged down with work and family pressures, a break away is one of the most valuable gifts you could think of to give to someone who means the world to you.

    gift vouchers

    Tailor-Made Vouchers to your own Specific Requirements

    Design Your Voucher and Decide the Cost

    It is possible to select voucher images from the few posted below, or to send an image of your choosing for us to copy. We’ll insert it into a voucher, designed to your specification, similar to those shown, below, to the value of your choosing.

    Easy Booking and Secure Payment for Peace of Mind

    You can check rates and book securely, online. Alternatively, we’d love to talk to you



    *We Now Accept Payment By PayPal, in addition to card Payments

    In addition to booking online and submitting card details to our secure payment portal, or ringing us with card details, you can now pay us through PayPal. The process is very simple and totally secure, keeping card details away from public portals.



    Pay Us easily with PayPal

    You can either book by email or you could start the process by phone. If you just wish to pay the balance of an existing booking, then follow steps 2 and 3, only.

    It’s an easy 3-step process

    • Email us with booking details or details of balance payment at
      Email Us

      or you can phone us at
      Call Us

    • We will send you a payment link from which you can pay us either depost or balance. Totally Secure. Simplicity itself.

    PayPal is one of the most secure methods of payment because your details don’t actually pass over the internet, but reside locally on the PayPal system.

    call us

    Call Us!



    We can take payment, by phone, PayPal or by credit card and we will email your voucher by return. This may be printed off, or the recipient may just quote the voucher code when they make their booking. The voucher amount will be deducted from their final hotel bill. The voucher will stand as a deposit for the booking.

    Please select your Pitlochry Hotel Voucher below:-

    Or send us Photos and Design ideas to Personalise your Voucher

    We can design pretty much anything if given sufficient detail. However, here are some images to trigger the creative process

    A – Rosemount Hotel Gift Voucher – Natural Design

    pitlochry hotel voucher

    B – Gift Voucher for Pet Owners

    This design incorporates the idea that we could apply a quality image of the recipients dog to any background. Please check out our Pet-friendly Breaks for more information

    pet friendly gift voucher

    C – A Voucher for Hotel Theatre Break Accommodation

    Whilst we are happy to book theatre tickets as part of this voucher, we need precise information regading accessibility requirements before purchasing the tickets. Take a look at our Theatre Page for programme details and costs of breaks

    Pitlochry theatre breaks voucher

    D – Voucher for a Getaway Break

    For an idea of costs and types of Break available, please visit our Special Offers page.
    pitlochry hotel gift voucher

    E – Our Classic Design

    Hotel voucher fo getaway break

    Call us to discuss details and book

    Once you have decided the amount and design for your voucher, please just call us to discuss details


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