Pitlochry Accommodation for the Highland Games

    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry accommodation for Pitlochry Highland Games

    Pitlochry Highland Games is the last in the annual series of Scottish Games, each year,  and occurs the second Saturday in September, one week after the Braemar Games. Booking Highland Games Pitlochry accommodation can be difficult, so be sure to book early.

    A pageant of Scottish culture, this spectacle of fun fills the town with the simple sound of folk having a great time. The roars from the crowd cheering on the sport and applauding the dancing  is always accompanied by a soundtrack of pipes, making this far more than a village fayre. Being located in a valley setting, Pitlochry is ideal host for Pipe Bands whose sonorous tones echo in the surrounding hills, uplifting the spirits of all present.

    This year, 2016 there was a procession of around 200 young pipers through the town. So fabulous to see the rich traditions of the area continuing to thrive.

    Highland Games Pitlochry accommodation

    I remember the happy times, a good number of years back, when we’d hear the local pipe band playing every Sunday at 11am. We’d be well into housekeeping duties at that time, windows open and totally energised by this unique, driving sound. The sun always seemed to shine (yes . . .it really did!) and the bird-song interlaced the echoing notes of the pipes, dancing on the wafts of warm air coming through the window space, soothing our minds and tuning us into the labours of the day.

    It’s always a bit of a problem procuring accommodation in Pitlochry over games weekend. Here are a few tips for staying ahead. Firstly, many accommodation providers insist on a minimum 2 night stay, so if you are booking online and can’t find any availability for one night over this Games weekend, please consider extending your availability enquiry to 2 nights. You’ll find this opens up a whole raft of possibilities. Secondly, try to book as early as you possibly can. This will at least ensure you have the best chance of obtaining the accommodation of your choice.

    Highland Games Pitlochry Accommodation

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