Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

Amongst the 10 biggest compliments, in thousands of favourable reviews, about Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry are:-

    • We’re “small and very friendly”
    • Characterful, cosy and comfortable
    • Attentive, professional service with a genuine personal touch
    • Extensive buffet breakfast catering to all dietary preferences and tastes
    • Dinner is freshly prepared to order and mealtimes are flexible to allow for pre-theatre dining
    • Highly attractive tariff for the value received
    • A choice of 4 room grades to match amenity with budget preference
    • We’re located very close to the town centre, Theatre and walks of Northern Perthshire
    • Lovely views to north and south
    • We are truly pet-friendly

    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry Scotland

    The period from January to mid April can give out some real surprises to those testing the Winter Break market for the first time. Often, the weather can be a lot milder than you might think. If you can overcome the instinct to curl up and hibernate, this is one of the most invigorating times of year to don a few removable layers, waterproof and walking boots and just get outdoors and see some beautiful scenery. The outcome is almost medicinal!

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    Time and Space for YOU!


    Dinner is available each evening. For pre-Theatre dining, pre-booking is recommended. Meals are freshly prepared to order, with care and attention to detail ensuring mouth-watering flavour, appetising texture and great presentation


    It has been often mentioned that the atmosphere at Rosemount is laid back and friendly without the loss of professional service and attentive care.

    Perthshire's Scenic Splendour

    Pitlochry is perfectly located at the very centre of Scotland and surrounded by hundreds of miles of unspoiled scenery in every direction. We highly recommend staying in this tree-clad paradise for as long as possible so that you can explore central Scotland using Pitlochry as a base.

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     Reviews by past guests at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry number in their thousands, across various media, and are an excellent tribute to the craft skills of our wonderful and dedicated team of staff. Be sure to explore our rates for some great discounts, especially for early and late booking.


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    A Tonic of Green and Blue - Nature at her Very Best!

    Queen's View must be one of the most photographed beauty spots in the UK. Sometimes popularity can result in disappointed expectations. Not so, in this case. Prepare for those hairs on the back of your neck to get a workout as you survey this stunning scene . . . .


    Whilst a week is never long enough to even begin to experience the full beauty of Northern Perthshire, we hope to save some time spent in researching the many prospects for enjoyable days out with the information on this page . . . .

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    5 Miles from Pitlochry
    Image is not available
    22 miles from Pitlochry
    Loch Tummel avatar
    3 miles from Pitlochry
    Edradour distillery
    2 miles from Pitlochry
    Pitlochry Dam
    At the very heart of Pitlochry
    House and Falls of Bruar
    8 miles from Pitlochry
    Pitlochry Theatre
    Pitlochry Festival Theatre
    in Pitlochry

    Experience a very small sense of the treats in store from a visit to Pitlochry, Perthshire Scotland in the following selected highlight videos.


    Pitlochry is an idyllic base for touring and exploring the stunning heart of Scotland

    Pitlochry is idyllic and has a perfect location at the very centre of Scotland. This makes it a perfect base for touring and exploring the stunning heart of Scotland

    Pitlochry is idyllic and has a perfect location at the very centre of Scotland. This makes it a perfect base for touring and exploring the stunning heart of Scotland


    A enchanting, but nonetheless informative video about just some of the sights, sounds and impressions of Highland Perthshire from VisitScotland.


    If this isn't the most beautiful song ever written, it comes very close. Written and sung by a guy who can stand alone, with his guitar, in front of a stadium-sized audience, and you won't hear a pin drop. If you want to learn about the power of understatement, then do listen on . . . .