Rosemount Hotel Pet Policy

    Whilst some hotels have a negative view of accepting pets, we are delighted to have made our pets-welcome policy a totally positive experience for all guests. This has been achieved through rigid housekeeping management, careful room allocation and adherence to a few simple requests, detailed below. Pets greatly add to the friendly setting we work hard to promote, we just have to cover all bases by asking for observation of the following:


    • Your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. This is for the comfort of all pet owners, to allow them complete confidence that it is safe to bring their beloved pet into this environment. We undertake rigorous cleaning, but this is an additional level of protection.
    • Because we naturally have to control overall numbers of pets on the premises at any one time, we reserve the right to refuse access to the premises  by any pet not confirmed as accepted by ourselves in writing (including by email)
    • Pets may not be left in cars on our premises.


    • 50% of our letting rooms are available to guests bringing pets to stay. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all pet owners for ensuring that pets are groomed and dry before entering the premises at any time. Pets can not be allowed on beds. Evidence to the contrary, or pet-induced disorder in the room will will, with regret, result in a £35 cost-based charge for the resulting requirement for deep-cleaning of the entire bed.


    • Pets may not be left unattended on the premises unless happily in their cage, to ensure they don’t find a way on to the bed. Should your pet be left in these circumstances, we request a maximum of three hours, in case of unanticipated distress. Please also leave your mobile number at Reception and notify us that your pet is unattended in the building. We are very happy to assist in this matter by offering eating facilities, both at breakfast and dinner, in a small ancillary restaurant designated for pets and their owners, or, if preferred, in our bar. Both venues are cosy and well-suited to pets, who also seem to enjoy the social setting.


    • Pet owners are responsible for not allowing their pets to distress other guests in any way. Some dogs, through nobody’s fault, are not totally comfortable in social settings. If your dog has any issues in this respect, please keep him or her on a lead at all times whilst in our public areas and take whatever measures deemed necessary to avoid disturbance to other guests.


    • A park is located two minutes walk across from the Hotel driveway. It is well-served with red “doggy” bins and we know that our pet-owning guests will be happy to make use of this facility, and not the Hotel bins, for depositing waste. We ask that weeing is kept to a minimum within the grounds to avoid over-marking by dominant dogs. We clean the grounds regularly, but in view of the number of pets we may take, the build up of excessive pet-urine may create a problem.


    We have a fabulous facility for pets and look forward to meeting new canine friends. Other pets by arrangement.