Mission Statement

  1. The mission of Rosemount Hotel, Pitlochry is to provide exceptionally clean, pleasant and comfortable lodging facilities and polite, considerate, friendly service to our guests.
  2. Our hotel focuses on providing a welcoming, peaceful haven for guests wishing to tour Central Scotland, wishing a friendly, familiar place to return to each evening.
  3. Food is carefully stored, prepared and presented using the freshest produce available to us.
  4. We exert a great deal of time and effort to inform our visitors of the wealth of experiences that awaits them at our doorstep.
  5. We emphasise high quality standards in our rooms and food and beverage offerings.
  6. We provide a fair return on investment for our owners and staff, who put forth time, effort, motivation and enthusiasm to maximise the positive experience of our guests.
  7. We recognize that this cannot be achieved without constant focus, effort, training, motivation and re-assessment

Goals :

  1. Our goals are to improve something each day in both Hotel fabric and visitor/staff experience associated with Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry.
  2. Our ultimate aim is to set a standard for Pet friendly hotels in the UK offering a warm, friendly holiday destination to be comfortably enjoyed by pet-owners with their pets and non-pet owners, alike. This means providing adequate high-quality facilities for both types of visitor with shared areas and, also, some separated areas.
  3. We assure those who require pet-free areas, that 50% of the Hotel, in both letting and public sections, is pet-free. Comfortable Lounge areas where those who appreciate the friendship and relaxation element of dog-ownership can relax amongst other guests already exist. We aim to increase the areas for relaxation to cater for both types of market.
  4. A park is located, across the road, with dog-related facilities and there are 40 miles of waymarked trails, which are ideal for pets. We will work with the local authority and local pet-related businesses to further improve facilities for pets in the area.