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Great Lifestyle Opportunites: Pitlochry Business for Sale (or Partnership).

Pitlochry Hotel for Sale and House for Sale in Pitlochry

(Business Partnership considered)

Many people share the view that Pitlochry, Perthshire is one of the most perfect places to live. It scores maximum points on so many of the aspects to be considered when relocating. If you are interested in considering a Pitlochry house for sale as part of a relocation plan, or a small business proposition concerning a small hotel for sale in Pitlochry, then please read on.

Substantial Savings on Property

Pitlochry offers attractive detached properties in good-sized gardens for the price of a South-East starter home 
and a profitable business  for a fraction more.  


The Figures Speak for Themselves

How interesting to note that 9 out of 10 folk retiring in Scotland wish to remain precisely where they are, whereas up to 50% of retirees south of the border are purported to be planning a move. Naturally, the motivators of property pricing will be a heavy influence in this matter. There is so much more home for your pound in Scotland, especially away from the major cities. If you can find places where infrastructure and transport links are sound, of which Pitlochry is a prime example with great road and rail links to the rest of the UK, this may be a proposition that is too attractive to ignore as you plan how to guide your savings through your retirement years.

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Hotel for Sale in Pitlochry
Enjoy a Fabulous Lifestyle with Income attached

hotel for sale in Pitlochry

Looking back, I realise that my husband and myself and I have been incredibly blessed with a wonderful life. We’ve never been afraid of work, enjoying the company of positive, happy folk in our place of work and the banter with our staff. Moreover, there’s always a relishing of the prospect of our daily walks in some of the most stunning countryside in the UK, the odd coffee in this cheerfully busy Highland town, a game of golf, a scenic car trip or visit to the theatre. Additionally, should a pace of life be an occasional requirement, Edinburgh is less than 90 minutes away. We found the perfect life for ourselves that happy day we stumbled upon Rosemount Hotel in Pitlochry.

Now its time for husband to retire, we want to sell the house and “down-size” elsewhere in the town and allow this good fellow some well-deserved free-time whilst I pursue either a partnership to allow me to continue in the business I love, or else sell and take up a new project.

Hotel for Sale in Pitlochry
The Perfect Life for the Right People

Hopefully, the very fact that I am quite happy not to sell Rosemount will be commendation enough to anyone wishing to buy it, in a paradoxical way. There’s never a single day when I don’t want to rise with the sun and get on with the business of guiding business at Rosemount. Our fabulous staff are great company and our niche markets for guests bring THE most fabulous people to our door.

In spite of the multitude of demands on our busy days, we attend to marketing and admin and organise the keeping of an immaculate and well-ordered house in addtion to serving as hosts to our guests. Then there’s the  preparation of yummy meals and care of our wonderful guests to oversee. When all is said and done, this is just the oxygen that feeds the bigger picture of belonging to something that really makes your clock tick. For the right person this is the perfect life.

Pitlochry House for Sale
The Value of Living in a Friendly Community

Research into what matters most to folk when considering a relocation reveals that a friendly welcome ranks high on the list of priorities. The smaller communities in Scotland have a very friendly culture. Folk have time to stop and talk and will do so readily on the basis that a stranger is simply a friend-in-waiting. Each day, when I walk the dog along Pitlochry High Street, on some intended quick errand, a five minute stroll turns into a half hour social pleasantry. Naturally a dog is the perfect ice breaker, but folk genuinely like to stop and chat. I have a theory that beautiful surroundings help us be at our happiest and most friendly.

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loch side walksNumerous societies and clubs provide an excellent medium for meeting folk and developing interests and if you enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll find plenty of folk eager to be companions in that pursuit.

Enjoy an amazing lifestyle for far less than you might think

The prospect of enjoying life in a substantial property with fabulous views and within very easy reach of stunning countryside is proving an increasingly attractive proposition. Many folk are struggling with high mortgages or wishing to benefit from capital release from high-value homes. Accordingly, a move to an area of lower property values, yet higher lifestyle capital makes great sense.

Pitlochry house for sale


Because of lower density populations, many Scottish communities in less remote areas enjoy exceptional healthcare. Same-day GP appointments are always possible and waiting lists for hospital treatment tend to be shorter. Pitlochry has a modern GP surgery. Same-day appointments are available and there is a small hospital for minor emergencies and physiotherapy, next door.


Scotland enjoys a worldwide reputation for outstanding education. Additionally, free education is available for two years before the school starting age, at nursery level. It continues to be available at school through to the age of 18. Most notably, the financial backing continues through to college and university. Pitlochry has schooling for the 3 to 16 year old bracket. Beyond that, nearby Aberfeldy provides excellent facilities for the 16 to 18 year olds. Several excellent private schools provide busses to children from the town.

Work-Life Balance

Sometimes, pictures say more than a thousand words can. With space, time and stunning beauty in every direction, life outside work takes on a huge new potential. Take a look at our property for sale in Pitlochry and start to build your own dream



Pitlochry enjoys direct rail links to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness and even London. It is located on the main artery through Scotland – the A9.

 How interesting that the Scottish Government Website has seen a surge of interest in moving to Scotland from other parts of the UK. This has been most dramatic since the shock result of the Brexit vote. During the three days after the vote, the site received many tens of thousands of unique visits.

Pitlochry is located just 70 miles north of Edinburgh


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