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    Great Packing Advice for a short break in Scotland

    What do I Pack for a Short Break in Scotland?

    Packing for a short break in Scotland can present a bit of a challenge due to the changeable weather conditions. temperatures in Summertime can reside anywhere from around 12 deg c to 20 the teens, with exceptions either side. depending on wind strength and direction. Hot weather is most definitely a possibility whilst on holiday in Scotland during the Summer months, though some rain is likely. We are considering  this issue from the aspect of staying at a  Pitlochry Bed & Breakfast during the Summer, though the principles generally apply throughout Scotland and much of the UK, not just to a short break in Pitlochry.

    Just remember – there is no such thing as bad weather when you’re suitably dressed. Additionally, first-time visitors can sometimes “over-stress the over-dress”. This can culminate in a suitcase full of clothes that do not get worn and a holiday-dash to the outdoor gear shop to purchase yet another shower-proof and walking boots, whilst the ones you bought on your last  Scottish holiday remain in the cupboard at home. We find that our guests taking a short break in Scotland value quality outdoor clothing and follow the principle of layering to cope with weather that can change ten times a day.

    packing for a short break in Pitlochry

    Sound advice for your Holiday in Scotland from hardened travellers

    Some pertinent travel advice comes from past visitors who have taken a holiday in Scotland. The trick for packing light for variable weather conditions boils down to layers and good waterproofs.


    Travel Planning for a Short Break in Pitlochry

    Firstly, book your accommodation, so you definitely know where you’re going

    During the Summer months, places to stay north of Perth can get into short supply, especially at weekend, so booking ahed is advisable. Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry has some fabulous deals for your short break in Scotland. Our Pitlochry short breaks offers are second to none in terms of value and savings opportunity. Booking your accommodation in Scotland could not be easier, as highlighted below:-

    Pitlochry Short Breaks

    Pitlochry Short Breaks

    Pitlochry Short Breaks

    Pitlochry Short Breaks

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    Travel light

    As yet another article gets placed in the case, it’s easy to forget that it all has to be carried at some stage. Also, the last thing you want to do upon arrival in a fabulous place is spend time re-habilitating large quantities of packed clothing when there is so much to see and do. Time is of great value on a short break in Scotland and the priority is to get out and about. Mix and match clothing for layering is key to minimalist packing and rolling clothes rather than folding them cuts down on creases.

    Pitlochry Short Breaks – See our Rooms

    Accommodation in Pitlochry is in high demand during the Summer months and early booking is recommended. Below, you’ll find a feature with links to pages with good detail of each of our four grades of room and help with making a booking.

    Think about what you’ll really need

    Don’t pack anything you don’t wear at home thinking you’ll wear it on holiday in Scotland. Additionally, maybe consider whether you’re really going to need heels at all. Most of your time will probably be spent walking through stunning countryside or around fabulous and characterful Highland towns.

    Maybe Use a Packing app

    Think of using a travel app like PackPoint if you’re not too confident as to what to take. This is quite brilliant, especially if you are taking a longer holiday. You merely punch in your destination and date of travel and it comes up with expected weather, length of stay and activities planned. This cuts the agonising down to a complete minimum. Another useful app, targeted more towards the more fashion-conscious, is

    Think “Layers” and Waterproofs, but probably not Umbrellas

    As a whole, you’re going to need to allow for all types of weather and that needn’t be a negative. Most British weather is fabulously invigorating to be out and about in once you’re dressed appropriately. You’ll find that Scottish weather often exhibits an east-west split. Accordingly, and because Pitlochry is central, you can often decide where to go for the day on this basis. Whereby the west coast can be wetter and the east, more sunny, prevalent winds can completely reverse this rule.

    BBC Weather provides a great source of short term weather forecasting. Spare Umbrellas are mostly on hand at Rosemount, though sometimes, the wind renders them more comedic than useful. So, if you’re coming for a short break in Pitlochry, an umbrella could be left off the packing list.

    Layers are brilliant because they can be mixed and matched for day and evening wear. No one will expect particularly formal dress in an area where the great outdoors is the main attraction. If’ you’ve never considered gaiters, they are a brilliant light-weight means of keeping legs dry. When combined with comfy walking shoes and a comfortable, breathe-able rain jacket they make for the perfect outdoor gear. Winter holidays in Scotland require more specialist clothing and body warmers.


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