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    Midweek Breaks in Scotland’s Heartland

    Midweek Breaks in Scotland – Pitlochry holds the Secret to the Perfect Health Tonic

    So, why take midweek breaks in Scotland? Well, how often has it been said that time spent outdoors in a beautiful place is the best tonic for stress and work overload? You have to wonder if that is down to the simple fact that it is perfectly true. Many folk now incorporate a minimum of twenty minutes a day walking through a park, or heading to the local beauty spot as a regular part of their daily routine. The feelgood fix has become as vital to our well-being as good diet and quality sleep. It makes sense, therefore, that to completely immerse yourself in a beautiful place for a longer period, should have a powerful restorative effect. A midweek getaway break in Scotland could be the perfect solution.

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    Surrounded by some of Scotland’s finest scenery, Pitlochry makes the perfect Midweek Break destination

    There is an abundance of feel-good factor in every direction around Pitlochry. Some visitors gain perfect fulfillment from taking a short walk in fresh air amidst stunning scenery. Others enjoy spreading the net a little further and driving a short distance to leave the car in a layby, taking a wee hurl in the hills or a lengthy trek. Furthermore, a network cycle trails form a local lattice of possibilities for those who prefer two or three-wheeled pursuits.

    Midweek, it tends to be quieter and you really get the sense of privilege, sharing these delights with but a few like-minded folk. Cycle hire is available just a short walk from the hotel and we’ve a good stock of ideas to help you decide which direction to take. You’ll be spoilt for choice and a bit of help can be very welcome. Additionally, we’ve oodles of maps and suggestions for stunning walks of every length, along many types of terrain.

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    Having established that a break in Scotland is probably a great idea,  the next move has to be in deciding where and when.

    A midweek break in Pitlochry is a prime contender on all fronts, especially where making  a saving has its attractions. Essentially, a midweek stay is cheaper because weekend rates tend to escalate with increase in demand. Moreover, the biggest attraction in staying away midweek probably lies in the fact that it tends to be more peaceful. It is easy to get to places where you feel you have an extremely beautiful world to yourself.

    Pitlochry lies at the geographic heart of Scotland. In consequence, our pivotal location places a great deal of Central Scotland within the scope of pleasure-filled day trips. What a gift! Remaining unpacked and having a sense of a base to return to each evening takes so much of the stress of touring right away.

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