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Festival Theatre still putting Pitlochry on the map

. . and combined with excellent accommodation nearby, Pitlochry Festival Theatre goes to top of the list for a great night away

Are you looking for Pitlochry Theatre accommodation deals? Pitlochry Festival Theatre is one of the region’s most-loved facilities, and Rosemount Hotel, with its close proximity to the facility, is an ideal base for Pitlochry theatre breaks.

The team at the Rosemount Hotel are well-praised for their friendly and attentive service and can help make your trip to the venue a truly magical one, arranging transport on your behalf and even providing a hearty pre-show dinner. They can also keep you occupied in the hours leading up to the performance by guiding you to some of the best things to see and do in and around the town. The theatre, located in the hills, has been located in wondrous riverside setting since 1981.

Pitlochry Theatre Breaks


Rosemount is a small, comfortable and friendly Hotel within a pleasant stroll or drive from Pitlochry Festival Theatre. A selection of room grades offer a choice of amenity to match budget. Pre Theatre dining available


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Set during prohibition, the stage show is based upon a book written by a contemporary reporter, Maurine Dallas Watkins and relates to criminal characters contained within her reporting. Pitlochry Theatre engages with this raunchy, punchy satire on corruption and the celebrity criminal of the era, helped by a talented cast of 16 and a sizeable live band


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Described , by Samuel French, as a cup of exquisite comic delight, this story is set in the Napoleonic era and tells of the lessons to be learned from the loss of youth and changing fortune. in one of the most endearing and enduring comedies


Pitlochry Theatre Breaks


Offers include free nights with longer stays. Generous "Last Minute" and "Earlybird" offers are also available. Don't forget to book for early, pre-theatre dining. A warm welcome and maybe a malt or two await upon your return from the evening's performance


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Pre Theatre Dining at Rosemount Pitlochry

The menu at Rosemount consists of hearty, wholesome and unpretentious food which is freshly prepared and cooked to order. We don't serve vast quantities of meals and so each plate is given time, care and attention and is delivered promptly.

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Nostalgia at its best! Team up a combination of 90s setting and the fascination of the principle characters with the classic records of Hollywood and Vegas idols like Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe and you have an enchanting trip down memory lane, in the company of big hair, big suits and big voice

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The play centres on the figure of Henry Carr, an elderly man who reminisces about Zürich in 1917 during the First World War, and his interactions with James Joyce when he was writing Ulysses, Tristan Tzara during the rise of Dada, and Lenin leading up to the Russian Revolution. As he reminisces, Carr's memory becomes prone to distraction, and instead of predictable historical biography these characters are interpreted through the maze of his mind.




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Hotels close to Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Rosemount Hotel is just 1 mile drive from Pitlochry Festival Theatre. A shortcut, on foot, via Pitlochry's Suspension Bridge, makes the walk a pleasant stroll over an even shorter distance



A rich, poetic tale full of ambiguity and suspense, The Last Witch reimagines the true story of the alleged Witch of Dornoch: did Janet Horne actually practise witchcraft? Or was she was a charismatic, free-thinking woman, ahead of her time?

BY RONA MUNRO . . . . .

Pitlochry Festival Theatre

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Pitlochry theatre accommodation

Rosemount Hotel, with its location so close to Pitlochry Theatre and great-value accommodation deals, is ideal for a Theatre break in Pitlochry. We are less than a mile from the Theatre if driving and even closer on foot. Pre -Theatre Dinner and a cosy bar for a fireside nightcap upon return from your evening’s entertainment combine to make the perfect Pitlochry Theatre accommodation.

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Pitlochry Theatre Accommodation Offers

Savings made on our Pitlochry Theatre Accommodation Offers can go a good way towards paying for the tickets, themselves, or covering the cost of our Pre-Theatre Dinner.

Pitlochry Festival Theatre Breaks

Pitlochry Theatre – planned expansion

Plans for a £25 million expansion of the theatre were announced in 2014. The programme, called Vision 2121, included plans to tour shows across Scotland and further afield. Furthermore, it will extend the summer season into the spring and autumn months. The announcement also included plans to close the main theatre for two years in 2019 to allow a host of new facilities and features. These include a fly-tower, new frontage, a brand new studio theatre, a restaurant and shopping areas. An audience boost by 40%, over eight years, is planned. Thereby, a strengthening ofthe local economy should follow and  the venue will grow creatively and artistically.

Known as the ‘Theatre in the Hills’, the venue welcomes more than 100,000 visitors from around the world each year. The programme is renowned for offering a different show every night, and two on matinee days. It was first launched in a tent in 1951 and now operates all-year-round. Its plays have regularly been compared to those of London and Edinburgh. Visitors can also enjoy ceilidhs, exhibitions, workshops, talks and tours.  Rosemount Hotel can cater for you brilliantly if you’ve been looking for a Pitlochry theatre hotel, so why not take a closer look today?



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