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It takes Pitlochry Rain to make Blair Athol Malt Whisky

Things To Do in Pitlochry – Visit Distilleries

Only the Best will Do!

Consider the epic journey of a Scottish raindrop. Not any ordinary raindrop, mark you, but one that has been swept from the Atlantic Ocean by prevailing westerly winds. These drive upwards over South Uist and the Black Cuillins of Skye. They press through the thunderous turmoil over the Western and Central Highlands . The rain is hurtled ever onwards, seemingly determined to stay aloft, as though destined for great things – The Scottish Whisky Trail Pitlochry, in the guise of Blair Athol and Edradour distilleries, combines the best that nature has to offer. Enjoy a scintillating treat for the senses – refined and subtle. Be sure to make time to learn the secrets of Pitlochry’s own natural product.

Stay at Rosemount Hotel and sample the delight of Perthshire Malts

As a small Pitlochry Hotel, we have the flexibility to offer a great opportunity to save a little on accommodation in Pitlochry and enjoy the rich provision of quality visitor attraction that Perthshire is famous for.

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Ben Vrackie – Collector of Nature’s Bounty for the Malt in your Glass

Ever-so-nearly-a-mountain, on the borderline between Perthshire and the great Cairngorm range, stands the be-speckled and magnificent Ben Vrackie. This imposing, yet benevolent Guardian of the goodly folk of Pitlochry beams upon its wards, who live within daily sight of its ever-changing canvas, appreciative of its comforting, bold and constant presence and always warmed by its modulating reflections of the sun’s passage overhead. Its distinctive form stands strong against the disintegrating nebula of cloud that occasionally rests on its shoulders. Succumbing to the natural forces that seek to draw down its cargo, the cloud changes from purest white to angry black as its contents agitate and give way to this solid opposition. The broiling masses constrict and issue a pure aqueous torrent, unblemished by southern pollution, feeding our Ben’s lacework of rivulets, cascading ever-downwards, channeled and guided towards the Kinnaird Burn. And so our Scottish raindrop’s adventure continues . . . . . . .

scottish whisky trail Pitlochry

Scottish Rain is not a bad thing . . . . . It makes Whisky!

Here, robust and miniscule supporter of life, is your destination: You hover in brownian motion over the peak of our beloved Ben. In the swirling cloud that dances hither and thither to hide and reveal its crown, you wait to be drawn down its slopes as rain. Rocks filter your impurities and give you mineral wealth.  You find your way downwards to the Kinnaird and Allt Dour Burns. Relentlessly, the merry dance continues onwards. Down through heather and flower-studded gully,  the burn bubbles and ripples over boulders. Rhythm is developed by drum beat of the wind in the trees,  and the percussion of tumbling pebbles that burrel and career in your path. The shrill harmony of the buzzing insects, backs the tune of the song birds and the music is complete.

Finally, waiting for you, way, way below, is the quaint smoking roof of Blair Athol Distillery. A low Autumn mist hovers to welcome you and tree trunks, blackened with the Angels’ Share stand to salute you.

scottish whisky trail Pitlochry

The Allt Dour Burn has now settled to ground and meanders through the Distillery Gardens. Weeping trees and a blaze of colourful shrubs embrace a fetching setting with immaculate lawns sporting further strange, blackened trees. A harmless algae, thriving on the “Angels Share ” of alcohol that floats away from the stills to the air above, creates this illusion of burnt wood. Could this atmospheric dividend be the reason that the folk of Pitlochry seem very happy? There’s always a smile and polite greeting to spare a stranger!

scottish whisky trail Pitlochry

Rosemount Hotel. Sample Pitlochry’s excellent Malt Whisky offering with a Pitlochry Short Break

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