Pet Friendly Accommodation

    Rosemount is a Highly Popular Pet Friendly Hotel in Pitlochry

    "Just returned after a fabulous few days at this lovely, truly pet friendly Hotel. " . . .

    TripAdvisor Review October 2018

    Our reputation as a leading pet friendly hotel in Pitlochry is very precious to us all, at Rosemount Hotel. We take the implications of this very seriously. In fact, even down to the selection of staff, the interests of pet families are always a priority. So, as we set about each days work, we apply lots of attention to the kind of detail that is required to run a pet friendly hotel well.  Unfortunately, there are a growing number of establishments that use the "pet friendly" hook. Often, they don't really know the first thing about dogs and their needs. Rosemount's pet friendly badge is worn with pride and the underlying responsibilities are taken very seriously. Consequently, pet owners and all other guests may rest assured that our rooms are spotless. In fact, it has often been mentioned that you never know that a dog had been in any room.  Pitlochry dog friendly accommodation Additionally, dogs sense when they are welcome and settle down quickly, contributing a calming influence on the entire social ambience of the hotel.

    Stay and Dine with your Pet at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    As a pet owner, you will want to know that you can eat with your pet and enjoy the company of other like-minded guests with pets at feet, of an evening, in our bar and lounges. You'll also be pleased that we are located just across the road from a small park with those handy red doggy-bins and that there are over 40 miles of highly scenic waymarked trails leading from our door.

    The Best rates available, locally, for Pitlochry Hotel Accommodation are likely to be found here . . . . 

    Pitlochry Hotel offers

    We will never knowingly be under-sold, on a like-for-like basis, for great quality accommodation in Pitlochry

    See the best of our current offers here. We check local rates regularly to ensure that we are highly competitive on a like-for-like basis

    Pitlochry Pet Friendly Hotels

    Half of our rooms are dog friendly and, importantly, there is a park with doggy bins just one minute across the road. Pets are most welcome to dine with owners in dedicated areas of the hotel.

    Pitlochry Dog friendly Accommodation in Four Grades of Room

    There is a choice of four types of room in which we can accommodate pet families. Our Ground Floor Junior Suite is spacious, has its own door to the outside and can take up to 3 dogs. It is extremely popular with pet families and sells very quickly. We have spacious Premium rooms and more compact Regular and Economy Rooms. The tariff slides in proportion to the amenity of the room. Special offers on dog friendly accommodation can make even our most expensive accommodation highly attractive.
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    Superb facility for pet friendly breaks near parkland and miles of excellent walks
    Numerous loch-side walks with safe-swimming areas for the dog. Close to Rosemount Pitlochry
    A variety of hillwalks, from small hills to munros are available in the Pitlochry area
    We have some amazing deals including free night offers on longer stays and Late Availability offers
    There is an abundance of STUNNING waterfalls in Perthshire, along super forest walks
    We have pet friendly accommodation in all four of our room grades
    We have several dedicated areas where guests may enjoy meals in the company of their pets

    See our Dog Friendly Rooms, Find Out More and Make a Booking

    We have a rigid cleaning regimen and make sure that all evidence of our doggy guests is removed daily. A little assistance involving not leaving dogs unattended in our rooms and drying them down after the most enjoyable walks helps us keep our rooms pristine and a great place to stay for all guests.
    See our dog friendly  rooms 
    Dog treats, a high five and map to some amazing walks and swimming areas are our standard greeting for all dogs crossing our threshold. See a selection of articles about some great pet friendly breaks and offers

    So Much to See and Do with your Dog in and around Pitlochry

    If someone was making a perfect destination for a holiday with your dog, from scratch,then it would very possible come out looking very like Pitlochry. Once we've the business of finding a truly pet friendly place to stay, with great facilities for pet holidays and that is close to a park with doggy bins for the "short walk", pet owners like to know about the great things to see and do with a dog by our side. With an increasing number of dog friendly cafes and bars throughout Perthshire, you can feel at ease setting off for the day and exploring this gorgeous jewel of Central Scotland with your best furry friend by your side. An endless number of walks of every description, in terms of terrain, elevation and natural delight have one thing in common . . . They will stun you with the beauty that opens up around every corner. Safe swimming, open ground for running, rich and bountious landscapes full of sniffs and excitement will keep your dog deliriously happy whilst you survey the scene with a deep content. . . The perfect human/dog combination!. . .

    At this Pet Friendly Hotel in Pitlochry, your Dog will be our Guest too!

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    Dog Friendly Place to Stay in Scotland – Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

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    At this Pet friendly hotel in Pitlochry, your dog will be our guest too!

    How do I find a genuinely Pet friendly Hotel in Pitlochry? Rosemount is a pet friendly Hotel in Pitlochry. You'll find our dog inclusive policy goes far beyond providing a room where dogs may stay. We love dogs and treat them as individual guests, to the extent…

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    At Rosemount, we don’t just advertise being pet friendly . . We ARE pet friendly to the core.

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