Where can I find Pet friendly breaks in Pitlochry Scotland?

Pet friendly breaks have become a speciality of Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry, Scotland. Whilst we didn’t deliberately set out to make this our main offering, over the years , we seem to have naturally and easily tuned in to the needs of pet families. This is possibly because we have a genuine pleasure in having canine visitors of all shapes and sizes to stay – and that must show through.

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As pet owners, we also understand how vitally important it is to be able to take the family pet on holiday too. For many of our guests, it is simply a choice between bringing the dog along, or not coming at all.

Beyond this, it is also essential to have a genuine welcome for pets. Dogs tune into whether humans are in favour of them or not. Staff at Rosemount absolutely love dogs, so all anxieties may be put at rest concerning settling issues.

There are also good facilities at hand for convenient doggy-comfort breaks and an extensive network of great walks right on the doorstep. BOX TICKED!

Why trust Rosemount Hotel as the Destination for your Dog friendly Holiday?

 “Dog-inclusive” best describes our approach: Guests are invited to have their dogs join them at mealtimes and our staff are selected on the basis of their love for animals. 

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Highly valued extras, such as “borrow-able” pet accessories, free dog treats, having a park with red bins located just across the road, a handy hose and doggy shampoo, for dealing with the aftermath of those more enjoyable walks, all add to our appeal to dog-families. Whilst we hope the service will never be required, our local vet is located just across the road too.


Freetobook review 28th September 2019 – guest from Edinburgh:

This is a truly dog friendly hotel with very friendly and attentive staff. The hotel is spotlessly clean and food freshly cooked. We will be back! Maureen, David and Arte the Cockapoo

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All we care about is everyone having a great holiday with their pet

With over ten years heartwarming experience welcoming pets through our door, we’ve learned a great deal about the subtler side of offering a brilliant service to pet families. 

One of the outcomes of this is that we ask that pets are not left unattended anywhere on the premises without prior notice, and then only for the briefest period and happily in their own cage. Equally, it is rarely appropriate that guests leave their pet in the car for any but the shortest period.. Please note that we no longer hire out pet cages. This is to avoid distress in pets placed in a strange cage in a strange place.


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Experience a very small sense of the treats in store from a visit to Pitlochry, Perthshire, wirh your dog. The following selected highlight videos give the merest hint of the true delights of Perthshire as a destination for "dog-nuts", (amongst whom we consider ourselves firmly paid-up members :-).


Pitlochry is an idyllic base for touring and exploring the stunning heart of Scotland

Pitlochry is idyllic and has a perfect location at the very centre of Scotland. This makes it a perfect base for touring and exploring the stunning heart of Scotland

Pitlochry is idyllic and has a perfect location at the very centre of Scotland. It sits at the heart of endless miles of scenic walks, along every type of terrain. There are places for safe swimming and plenty of dog friendly bars and cafes to provide refreshment along the way.


Here's a link to a YouTube Video from SEESCOTLAND: Ben Vrackie offers a moderate hike, taking around 3-4 hours from our door. The initial climb, to a small Lochan 2/3 of the way up, is steady and fine for dogs (and humans!) that are moderatelty fit. Thereafter, the incline steepens, but the views are worth the effort. On a clear day, you can see the summit of Ben Nevis


A perfect riverside walk through mature forest and leading to a stunning waterfall. Salmon may be seen jumping the falls late October onwards. Paths are well formed and the forestry boasts some of Scotland's tallest trees. Plenty of interest for people and pooches, alike.


Pitlochry Pet Friendly Hotel Rooms

Half of our rooms are dog friendly and, importantly, there is a park with doggy bins just one minute across the road. Pets are most welcome to dine with owners in dedicated areas of the hotel. Dog treats, a high five and map to some amazing walks and swimming areas are our standard greeting for all dogs crossing our threshold. These are the ideal components of any pet friendly break in Pitlochry. However, then add a comfortable, warm and friendly place to stay and staff that are nuts about dogs and you’ll find little better. The following feature may have a slow load-rate for first time visitors. If this happens, please refresh your page


Pitlochry is the Perfect Pet Holiday destination

Pitlochry has to be one of the most ideal locations for holidaying with the dog. With an abundance of fabulous walks over many types of terrain, safe swimming, good provision of doggy parks with waste bins and the company of many like-minded dog lovers, you can feel at ease in bringing your dog to stay in the town. Find a genuine pets welcome at Rosemount – You really don’t have to leave these fabulous friends at homePossibly most important of all is that it’s a genuine pleasure to us that many of our guests bring their pet/s to stay. Nothing satisfies us more than to see several blissfully happy dogs snoozing around the fire of an evening whilst their humans share endless stories about “what the dog did”. Heaven!



We Accept Pets in Four Grades of Room

There is a choice of four types of room for pet families. Our Ground Floor Junior Suite is spacious, has its own door to the outside and can take up to 3 dogs. It is extremely popular with pet families and sells very quickly. We have spacious Premium rooms and more compact Regular and Economy Rooms. The tariff slides in proportion to the amenity of the room. Special offers on dog friendly accommodation can make even our most expensive accommodation highly attractive.

We have a rigid cleaning regimen and make sure that all evidence of our doggy guests is removed daily. A little assistance involving not leaving dogs unattended in our rooms and drying them down after the most enjoyable walks helps us keep our rooms pristine and a great place to stay for all guests.

Pet Friendly Accommodation at Rosemount Hotel, Pitlochry

Rosemount Pitlochry ground floor Junior suite

Pet-friendly Ground Floor Junior Suite

This room is simply perfect for families – of the “child”, “pet” and that fabulous (and enviable) “all-inclusive” kind that somehow embraces both sorts of little darling into a single, blissfully complete mad-happy unit. It’s spacious, comfortable and offers enormous flexibility in terms of bedding and adaptability for differing numbers of humans and furry friends. A designer bathroom and enormous storage add to the flexibility of this room and make it ideal for guests with sporting equipment to store.

If the subject of cleanliness of this highly popular “home-from-home” ever raises itself as a question, please read our reviews. Our staff are fundamentally manic when it comes to cleaning. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance!

One of the best-loved aspects of our Ground Floor Suite is its second door – straight to the outside and the waiting car- and, also, in line with the park (equipped with those wonderful red doggy bins), across the road.


Total Capacity = 5 persons and 1 dog

Max 3 adults

Each person, at full capacity, may be substituted by a dog up to a maximum of 3

Pets are Welcome in Other Rooms Too

Pet Friendly Room Options
Regular Double Room

Clean and modern double room with ensuite shower, TV & tea and coffee. Pets are most welcome. Reduced-price single occupancy by arrangement ....

Fabulous, spacious Pitlochry accommodation for larger families or as twin-bedded rooms. Pets are welcome . . .

We have two pet friendly premium double rooms offering spacious amenity with lovely views over the stone built villas of Pitlochry to the hills . . .

Ground Floor Junior Suite

Family Room in Pitlochry for up to 2 Children. This splendid pet friendly Family room in Pitlochry offers . . .



Peace of Mind

Sometimes it can be a concern that the accommodation provider might not be as pet-friendly as the marketing suggests. Rest assured, that pet friendly breaks in Pitlochry Scotland is precisely what Rosemount Hotel is about. Pets are part of the family, in our book. Accordingly, they’re treated as very welcome guests, in much the same way as their humans are.

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 Reviews by past guests at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry number in their thousands, across various media, and are an excellent tribute to the craft skills of our wonderful and dedicated team of staff. Be sure to explore our rates for some great discounts, especially for early and late booking.


Just a few ideas for a day out with the dog around Pitlochry

As dog owners, we thank our lucky stars, daily, that we live in this fabulous area. There are actually hundreds of miles of fabulous walks within easy reach of the hotel.The following video shows a little snippet of what’s possible. This route involves using the car for only a few miles at a time, then parking up and walking small distances to stunning view points. Many other walks lead directly from our door.


Pitlochry things to do
ideas for enjoying a day around Pitlochry
Visit Queens View, Killiecrankie, Bruar and Blair Atholl
Just a small sample of the many ways in which you can enjoy a day in and around Pitlochry.

This trip is a truly pleasant mix of driving (about 1 hour in total) with stop-offs for short walks to reach stunning view points.

A number of visitor centres offer excellent refreshment choices, enroute

Any-time is a Great Time to Bring the Dog to Stay at Rosemount

Possibly one of the best aspect of dog ownership is that they have to be walked, come rain or shine. This teaches us to be weather hardy and enables us to understand that fabulous scenery doesn’t become less-so just because there’s a cloud or two in the sky . . . Then when the sun shines . . . . . . . .!

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