Where can I Find Pet friendly breaks in Pitlochry Scotland?

Pitlochry has to be one of the most ideal locations for holidaying with the dog. With and abundance of fabulous walks over many types of terrain, safe swimming, good provision of doggy parks with waste bins and the company of many like-minded dog lovers, you can feel at ease in bringing your dog to stay in the town. Sometimes it can be a concern that the accommodation provider might not be as pet-friendly as the marketing suggests. Rest assured, that pet friendly breaks in Pitlochry Scotland is precisely what Rosemount Hotel is about. Pets are part of the family, in our book. Accordingly, they’re treated as very welcome guests, in much the same way as their humans are.


 “Dog-inclusive” best describes our approach: Guests are invited to have their dogs join them at mealtimes and our staff are selected on the basis of their love for animals. Highly valued extrass, such as “borrow-able” pet accessories, free dog treats, having a park with red bins located just across the road, a handy hose for dealing with the aftermath of those more enjoyable walks all add to our appeal to dog-families.

Find a Genuine Pets Welcome at Rosemount – You Really Don’t Have to Leave these fabulous Friends at Home

Possibly most important of all is that it’s a genuine pleasure to us that many of our guests bring their pet/s to stay. Nothing satisfies us more than to see several blissfully happy dogs snoozing around the fire of an evening whilst their humans share endless stories about “what the dog did”. Heaven!

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We’re one of those friendly Pitlochry Hotels where staff just love to chat. Give us a call to discuss your holiday requirements. It will be a real pleasure to speak to you.

Pitlochry Pet Friendly Hotels

Half of our rooms are dog friendly and, importantly, there is a park with doggy bins just one minute across the road. Pets are most welcome to dine with owners in dedicated areas of the hotel. Dog treats, a high five and map to some amazing walks and swimming areas are our standard greeting for all dogs crossing our threshold. These are the ideal components of any pet friendly break in Pitlochry, but then add a comfortable, warm and friendly place to stay and staff that are nuts about dogs and you’ll find little better.


 Late Availability Offers

It’s always worth checking to see if we have any offers for late availability. Discounts vary up to 40%. according to seasonality and availability, but one thing is for sure, we don’t like having empty rooms!

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Midweek Breaks

Midweek tends to be quieter and we always encourage visitors to book at these times if they have a choice, because discounts can be far more generous than at busy weekends. Many folk have realised this and the midweek market has become vibrant , without being over-crowded. If you have the choice, then midweek is a great time to take a break in Scotland.

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 Longer Stays

Discounts are available for stays of more than one night over the weekend and we offer free nights for longer stays if booked well in advance. Savings can be quite substantial.

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Dinner Bed and Breakfast Deals

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Pet friendly Accommodation Pitlochry in Four Grades of Room

There is a choice of four types of room for pet families. Our Ground Floor Junior Suite is spacious, has its own door to the outside and can take up to 3 dogs. It is extremely popular with pet families and sells very quickly. We have spacious Premium rooms and more compact Regular and Economy Rooms. The tariff slides in proportion to the amenity of the room. Special offers on dog friendly accommodation can make even our most expensive accommodation highly attractive.

We have a rigid cleaning regimen and make sure that all evidence of our doggy guests is removed daily. A little assistance involving not leaving dogs unattended in our rooms and drying them down after the most enjoyable walks helps us keep our rooms pristine and a great place to stay for all guests.

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Any-time is a Great Time to Bring the Dog to Stay at Rosemount

Possibly one of the best aspect of dog ownership is that they have to be walked, come rain or shine. This teaches us to be weather hardy and enables us to understand that fabulous scenery doesn’t become less-so just because there’s a cloud or two in the sky . . . Then when the sun shines . . . . . . . .!

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