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    The Word’s Out – Pitlochry is a Brilliant Place to Bring the Dog on Holiday!

    Where can I find a great dog friendly hotel in Pitlochry?

    “Whoever said Diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had a dog!” – unknown

    When seeking to book a dog friendly hotel in Pitlochry it is necessary to ask another question – namely, “Where will my dog be treated as a normal guest?” To non-dog owners, this might seem preposterous. However, not only is science revealing the similarity and empathy between the behaviour of many different animals to our own, most dog owners will easily attest to the fact that the dog is simply another member of the family. Hence, Rosemount is not just any old pet friendly hotel in Pitlochry. Essentially, dogs are our guests in much the same way as the rest of the family.

    Securely Book your Dog Friendly Hotel in Pitlochry

    Below, you can check out Rosemount Hotel, make a secure booking and see one of the nicest dog walks in Perthshire.


    Best Rates for a Dog Friendly Hotel in Pitlochry

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    Some Great Deals and Offers

    We take our role as one of the best-value dog friendly hotels in Pitlochry very seriously. Offers vary throughout the year, but it always pays to check our bookings page to see if the dates of interest to you coincide with some incredible special offers for Pitlochry short breaks. We welcome pets in half of our rooms and all public areas except our main restaurant. It’s great to see a number of dogs lying well-relaxed at their owners feet while guests chat of an evening. It’s truly amazing how dogs have this power to get a conversation going! All of our discount offers apply to dog friendly rooms.

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    view over Foss Road for Spardon Wood
    Morning Stroll

    Morning mists, plenty of fresh air and stunning scenery . . . All for FREE on a dog friendly holiday at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Ben Vrackie Walk

    Ben Vrackie is a fabulous 3 hr walk from Rosemount with small Lochan for safe swimming for the dog. Views are stunning

    Braes of Killiecrankie Walk

    A fabulous, multi-staged walk through stunning scenery with safe swimming and running areas for the dog.

    Pitlochry Dog Friendly Accommodation and Fabulous Walks

    There are many fabulous walks and safe swimming within just 5 minutes from
    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Linn of Tummel along from Coronation Bridge - copy - copy - copy

    The Linn of Tummel, along from the Coronation Bridge on the Killiecrankie/ Beallach Walk

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    We have several offers that are highly competitive with dog friendly hotels in the area. If you have a date in mind for a pet friendly break, please take a look at our rates.:-

    Reviews are the Gold Standard from which we make our everyday decisions

    Reviews by past guests at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry number in their thousands, across various media, and are an excellent tribute to the craft skills of our wonderful and dedicated team of staff. Be sure to explore our rates for some great discounts, especially for early and late booking. The Rosemount Hotel has garnered high praise and positive reviews from past guests who have experienced its exceptional hospitality and top-notch services. Visitors have highlighted the hotel’s cosy, characterful and comfortable accommodation, delicious dining options and attentive staff who go above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay. Many guests have raved about the stunning views, convenient location, and overall ambiance of the Rosemount Hotel, making it a top choice for travellers seeking a delightful and unforgettable experience.



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    Rosemount is an ideal Dog Friendly Hotel in Pitlochry

    From the aspect of its location, alone, Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry is ideal as a Pet friendly hotel for Pitlochry holidays. Just across the road, you’ll find a great little park, complete with red bins for dog litter. Beyond, lies an endless treat of waymarked paths, forest trails, hill-hikes, safe swimming and open spaces for chasing the frisbee. At the end of a tiring day, come back to Rosemount Hotel. Eat a delicious meal with dog sat at your feet, rather than in the car. Many folk then like to sit, have a wee drink and chat with fellow guests, whilst canine chums lie stretched-out on the carpet just lapping up attention.

    dog friendly hotel in Pitlochry

    One of the Nicest Dog Walks in Perthshire 

    Naturally, the way to get the most from a dog friendly holiday in Pitlochry is to get out on one of the many fabulous walks on offer in the area around Pitlochry. There is an endless list of  dog walks of all type to choose from, in this area. Here is one of our favourites:-

     Kiiliecrankie to Pitlochry

    Whether you wish to spend the entire day hiking the Braes around Loch Tummel and Killiecrankie, or are content to amble a few miles, the following offers beautiful scenery for you and safe areas for your dog to run, swim and explore. Please note – country roads can sometimes throw up a few unexpected vehicles, sometimes travelling with far too great a speed. it’ s always a good idea keep the dog on a lead near the road sections.

    You could Be Here Soon

    Now Truly Dog Friendly Pitlochry

    We are delighted to see that more and more Pitlochry businesses are developing an enlightened approach to the pet friendly market. Sadly, there was a time, when we were about the only dog friendly hotel in Pitlochry, that we would struggle to even find a cafe that was willing to accept pets. It was important for us to be able to recommend great things to do to our dog-owning guests.

    It came to the point of personally visiting some to warm up the message that dogs are a fabulous addition to any social setting. Not the case any more, thank heavens! Many of Pitlochry’s cafes welcome dogs and some of the more enlightened activity providers are seeking to find ways of including these furry friends in some of their offering.

    So, if you are agonising over taking a dog friendly holiday in Scotland – (somewhere . . .  anywhere), you’d be well pleased with Pitlochry as a top-of-the-list choice.

    Rosemount Happily recommends . . . . . .

    One location we always recommend is the Portnacraig Inn, set right on the banks of the River Tummel, along the riverside section of the walk to Pitlochry Fish Ladder. Additionally, they have tables set along the river bank and also welcome dogs in their Conservatory for meals and light refreshments.

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