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    Dog Friendly Accommodation Pitlochry – A Great Location for Pet Holidays

    Where can I find Pitlochry dog friendly accommodation?

    At Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry, we have a dedicated aim to provide Pitlochry dog friendly accommodation for great pet holidays in Perthshire. We know that, for many pet owners, a holiday is simply not a holiday when the dog is not along too. Our location, in the centre of Scotland, makes us easily accessible for Pitlochry weekend breaks and short break stays. If you are looking for a Pitlochry Hotel that takes dogs, do check us out.

    Pitlochry Dog friendly accommodation 2

    Pitlochry Dog Friendly Accommodation

    Pitlochry Dog friendly accommodation 2

    Pitlochry Dog Friendly Accommodation

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    *Check Rates, Availability and Special Offers/ Make a booking here:-

    A Great Holiday for Pets in Pitlochry 

    Our Dog friendly policy means that dogs are encouraged to come and stay, rather than being  merely tolerated, at our wee haven in the hills. It is highly successful in making Rosemount a great place to stay for ALL guests and we thank guests in advance for observing the few small courtesies that it contains. Dog friendly rooms are available in all of our four room grades at this Perthshire dog friendly hotel.

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    We want to be certain we are giving great value for our dog friendly accommodation in Pitlochry. We check competitive rates frequently to ensure we offer the best value possible.


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    view over Foss Road for Spardon Wood
    Morning Stroll

    Morning mists, plenty of fresh air and stunning scenery . . . All for FREE on a dog friendly holiday at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Ben Vrackie Walk

    Ben Vrackie is a fabulous 3 hr walk from Rosemount with small Lochan for safe swimming for the dog. Views are stunning

    Braes of Killiecrankie Walk

    A fabulous, multi-staged walk through stunning scenery with safe swimming and running areas for the dog.

    Pitlochry Dog Friendly Accommodation and Fabulous Walks

    There are many fabulous walks and safe swimming within just 5 minutes from
    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Linn of Tummel along from Coronation Bridge - copy - copy - copy

    The Linn of Tummel, along from the Coronation Bridge on the Killiecrankie/ Beallach Walk

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    Pet Holidays in Perthshire. Dogs Love to Stay at Rosemount Hotel

    hotel in Pitlochry that takes dogs

    It has been remarked by many of our dog owning guests that they are amazed how at home their dogs feel when they come to stay with us. I really believe that this is something to so with the dog’s sixth sense that is the subject of quite serious research. You see new doggy guests sussing the place out as soon as they come through the door, checking for signals. Who knows, maybe unhappy folk and animals give off a scent that triggers wariness in animals coming into the territory. Anyhow . . . whatever the reason, we work hard to keep a happy ship and our canine companions seem to pick up on that.

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    Our location, just 5 minutes from the main street means that we are peacefully located, yet convenient for all that the town has to offer. We enjoy gorgeous views over the Tummel Valley and then upwards towards Ben Vrackie.

    Dog friendly Accommodation Pitlochry with
    great facilities and welcome for pets

    Our doggy visitors are as much our guests as their owners. When your dog arrives, we want to know their name. A welcome “Bark Bag” awaits their arrival with:-

    • a map of local walks – a 40 mile network of waymarked paths – up hill, down dale and through pleasant woodland glades. Stroll along river and loch, with safe swimming areas. You’ll venture past tumbling waterfalls and rapids and ascend to stunning, open vistas.
    • directions to the “lettin’off steam” park (just across the road – and conveniently supplied with red doggy bins).
    • a treat
    • a disposable  dog towel.

    We’re dog owners, ourselves, and we really hate going away without our dogs. It’s miserable leaving them behind and the whole experience of a holiday is diminished without them. We spend a great deal of time comparing how things would be if they were with us. Very often, the only reason we went without them was because of the difficulty in finding dog-friendly hotel accommodation. We know this is a big need in many folks lives and we work hard to make it possible for our guests to bring their dogs away with them.

    Dog friendly Holidays in Pitlochry Perthshire

    You’ll find Rosemount a highly popular choice for dog friendly holidays Pitlochry. 50% of our rooms are dog friendly. All that we ask is that our wee darlings don’t get left unattended in the rooms and don’t go on the beds. We love them to bits, but we know their fondness for the most comfortable spot in the house:-)

    Below, is a photo of our largest dog friendly room – the Ground Floor Junior Suite. It is a large room with its own separate external entrance via a private porch. This is great for those squelchy days when the dog needs a bit of cleaning down before bringing into the room. It is one of several rooms in which we are pleased to accept dogs and it makes for ideal pet friendly accommodation Pitlochry.

    family friendly accommodation Pitlochry

    Dog friendly Pitlochry accommodation 

    We like to integrate our dog guests with all guests, except in the Restaurant. However, we have dedicated areas in our Bar and Lounge where we have set up dining facilities for guests to enjoy their meals in the company of their dogs.

    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry Lounge

    Just across the road from the Hotel is a park with very useful red bins. Beyond this are 40 miles of waymarked trails for you to enjoy, plus some off-map areas that we can recommend to suit different requirements.



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