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    Dog Holiday Dilemma

     A Dog Holiday in Pitlochry Scotland – Is it a Good idea?

    A thought provoking argument for taking a dog holiday in Pitlochry Scotland:-

    The Big Question:-

    Are they coming too?

    dog holidays Scotland

    Your friends and family just don’t understand, and therefore aren’t exactly helping:

    You are agonising over this . . . . You need a break, but you can’t bear to leave your wee darling behind and kennels are totally out of the question . . . yeah?

    Friends nod wisely . . . “She’s treating the pooch like a child again”


    Well that’s interesting, because did you know that dogs are fundamentally very similar to two year old children and can dig their way into your heart in a very similar fashion? If you own a dog then the answer is a resounding “Of course!” The dogless friends stare blankly, though politely.

    Dogs like us, so we like them back

    dog holiday pitlochry

    Highly respected studies have shown great physiological similarities in the “wiring” of dogs brains to our own. This means that, with their own beautiful simplicity of purpose, they actually do understand us. Unsurprisingly, controlled canine MRI scans show that dogs respond to humans more strongly than to other dogs.


    An equally endearingly statistic shows the dog to be the only animal that will run to a human for comfort in times of distress, rather than running away.

    Dogs can learn between 165 and 250 different words, have the capacity to count up to 5 and can actually beat most four year olds in simple arithmetic. Socially, dogs can be as complex as human teenagers. Consequently, it is little wonder that many of the paternal drives that are fulfilled in interacting with and caring for children are also quite well exercised in our engagement with our wee darling furballs.

    By all means “Bring the Dog!”

    Guilt at being overly-parental to a pooch now firmly assuaged, it’s time to plan the trip:-

    Number one priority – Don’t leave accommodation to chance



    Many of our highly valued dog families recount a number of common stories whereby they turn up at an establishment purporting to be dog friendly, only to discover that Fido has to sleep in the car, or cannot join them at mealtimes. A few accounts arise of being placed in the worst possible room at the end of miles of corridors (with all the doggy accoutrements to carry!)

    Do check that your chosen accommodation is dog-inclusive. Expect one or two courtesies, such as being required to keep Sidney or Sasha under control, which is totally understandable. At Rosemount Hotel, Pitlochry, for example, we do ask that dogs are not left unattended anywhere on the premises unless they are happy in, and derive comfort from, a cage – and then only for a few hours.

    This does mean our guests have to be happy in the company of their dog for most of their time with us. We find this is to be the case. Dogs are greatly welcomed in all public areas except our restaurant. We have dedicated areas of the hotel wherein pets may join owners for meals. You may see our dog friendly breaks Pitlochry in the dog friendly Pitlochry section on this site. We believe we offer an excellent dog holiday  Pitlochry, based on rigorous attention to guest feedback to help our daily effort to give a better offering.

    Whilst online booking is highly convenient, it is always worth also a quick and friendly phonecall to  your chosen place of stay with one or two checkpoints before making your booking. You may be surprised to find that this amiable phone encounter also gives you an opportunity to negotiate a better rate than online.

    dog friendly hotel pitlochry

    Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

    It always tickles me pink to see our highly valued dog families arrive with about three times the volume of dog paraphernalia as their own stuff, because I do exactly the same . . . and still manage to forget something vital like the favourite toy (oh world that has now ended!). Dogs have simple needs, but it’s worth jotting down a quick list for consultation as you begin the square-peg-in-round-hole operation of packing the car.

    In case may have been the plan to omit the voluminous bag of dry food in favour of a purchase at the destination, it might be best to prepare for the unmentionable possibility of a breakdown in a remote location and least take enough for a few meals.

    The Journey Ahead

    Travelling longer distances is not one of the many adaptations to living with humans that dogs have taken on board. As similar as dogs are to us in many ways, they are not particularly well designed for the process. A little bit of forward preparation again helps, here.

    Plan the space

    Make sure there is plenty of room for Sausage-face to be comfortable.

    1. If he’s big, can he sit upright without constricting his neck? (just in case the plan was to park him on top of the luggage:-)
    2. Is he near a window to get fresh air? He’s wearing a warm jacket and will feel the heat far more than you do. An open window is essential, but be prepared to keep the car a bit cooler than you might otherwise choose. Sun shades are a great way of helping keep him cool. You can easily get them from car accessory stores
    3. Is there plenty of water for him to drink?

    Plan for regular stops enroute

    Busy service stations aren’t always the best option for taking a break with your dog. Congested, fast-moving traffic and lack of green space aren’t ideal.

    A great source of info for stops at places within two miles of a motorway is the mobile app “Just Off the Motorway”, which details eateries, quaint country pubs, filling stations and nice walks for a stretch – all within 2 miles of various motorway junctions across the UK. There are several similarly themed books and apps available.

    When taking a Scottish holiday with the dog,  you’ll be out of your regular routine with all its reminders. Consequently there might be a risk of leaving your dog in the car for too long. It’s best not to do it at all if you can help, especially in warm weather when even an open window might not be sufficient to prevent your dog from dehydrating if left for too long, especially if without water.

    A Question of Restraint

    This is a difficult topic. The stoniest face can be coaxed into a smile at the sight of a cheeky canine face sunning itself out of the window. Even so, the obligation to keep our dogs safely restrained within our vehicle is a matter of law.

    dog holidays Scotland

    The minimum precaution is for of a robust screen between dogs and passengers to prevent the “missile-effect” immediately after impact. A 10lb dog gives a 300lb shock on sudden impact at 30mph. It is worthy of note that insurance claims are at risk being invalidated if unrestrained dogs are implicated in any way in a claim – according to

    Unfortunately, of those seatbelts to be rigorously tested, very few have been shown to work. Of those that came out well ahead of the rest, the Sleepypods Click It came out well ahead. These are purchasable at Amazon .

    Safe restraint for your beloved pet involves way more than strapping him in human-adult fashion. Just like his kindred -spirit child, he has specific needs related to his special shape and size. Considering the alternatives, Click-It might be considered a worthwhile, albeit, pricey investment.

    Our own preference is the dog box. These are ideal because the sides are of solid material, shade the sun, dropping the interior temperature by as much as 20 deg. and stop our youngster from barking at every poor cyclist we pass. (Strange that she doesn’t bark at them when they are ahead or behind, but only in passing them by. My theory is she’s just saying “Hey . . .Wanna lift? We’re going to the river . . . you can come too . . . oh, he’s gone! Never mind . . . What’s next . . . oh there’s another one  Hey . . . .Wanna  . . . . .  “). have an excellent choice of standard and tailor-made versions of the dog box  .

    All about Destination

    I suppose the success of your holiday will reside mostly in choice of destination. As with choosing a holiday for the kids . . if they’re happy, then you’re happy. Mile upon mile of fabulous walks with fresh air and stunning scenery for you, with nice places to stop for refreshment and loads of scents and places to run and swim for the dog just about fit the picture perfectly. At Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry, we like to think we fit snugly into that niche and would love to see you and your  best furry friend/s some day.

    Please remember us when booking your next pet friendly holiday Pitlochry!

    Dog Holidays Pitlochry


    Dog Holiday Pitlochry – Pricing and availability

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