Dog Friendly Accommodation in Pitlochry

    How may I book dog friendly accommodation in Pitlochry?

    When looking to book dog friendly accommodation in Pitlochry, we think you will be looking for an accommodation provider that will treat your pet as part of the family, rather than an inconvenience to be tolerated. At Rosemount Hotel , we don’t like to hear of dogs having to be left in the car at mealtimes or over night whilst on holiday with their folks. Naturally, we keep or main restaurant pet-free, but we have cosy areas in the rest of the hotel where dogs are welcome. Dogs are our guests in much the same way as the rest of the family. We welcome pets in half of our rooms and all public areas except the main restaurant, as explained. It’s great to see a number of dogs lying well-relaxed at their owners feet while guests chat of an evening. It’s truly amazing how dogs have this power to get a conversation going!

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     Reviews by past guests at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry number in their thousands, across various media, and are an excellent tribute to the craft skills of our wonderful and dedicated team of staff. Be sure to explore our rates for some great discounts, especially for early and late booking.

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    Offers vary throughout the year, but it always pays to check our bookings page to see if the dates of interest to you coincide with some incredible special offers for Pitlochry short breaks.

    From the aspect of its location, alone, Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry is ideal as a place to stay in Pitlochry with your dogs. We work hard to ensure that all aspects of providing holidays with pets are covered down to the smallest detail, such as having nearby safe places to walk the dog for its toilet, having dog cleaning facilities,maps, treats and plenty of doggy towels. Consequently we can guarantee you’ll find a Pet friendly hotel for Pitlochry holidays at Rosemount, rather than just a place that “takes”dogs.

    Just across the road, you’ll find a great little park, complete with red bins for dog litter. Beyond, lies an endless treat of waymarked paths, forest trails, hill-hikes, safe swimming and open spaces for chasing the frisbee.

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    in Perthshire

    Loch-Side Walks
    Hill Walks
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     Rosemount Hotel
    Ideal Dog Friendly Accommodation in Pitlochry

    At the end of a tiring day, come back to Rosemount. Eat a delicious meal with dog sat at your feet, rather than in the car. Many folk then like to sit, have a wee drink and chat with fellow guests, with several dogs stretched-out on the carpet just lapping up attention.

    Braes o’ Killiecrankie/ Beallach Walk

    One of the Nicest Dog Walks in Perthshire 

    Walks are probably the most important aspect of dog friendly holidays in Pitlochry. There is an endless list of fabulous dog walks to choose from in this area. Here is one of our favourites:-

    Braes of Killiecrankie Walk – Just One of Many Walks around Pitlochry

    The Braes of Killecrankie walk can be conveniently sectioned down into smaller walks using one of several bridges that span the waterways enroute. This makes it ideal for novice or avid hiker alike. For those preferring a hill climb, the walk can incorporate an add-on in the form of the route that runs along Craigower Hill, entitled the Beallach Walk. This is also waymarked and dotted blue, on the map above, as an extension to the heavily demarcated route which skirts Loch Tummel and ventures part-way along the River Garry.

    Phase 1 – Pitlochry Dam to The Boating Station and Back to Town. A shorter, pleasant loch-side stroll which can be extended to the fuller walk

    The route to Pitlochry Dam (Fish Ladder) is well marked at the northwest end of town. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there from Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry. If the intention is simply to enjoy the waterside stroll to cross the Clunie Bridge (marking the start of the walk on the map, above) and walk back to the Boating Station, then there will be time to enjoy the small independent shops and cafes that make our town so very pleasant a place to spend a few hours’ browsing and relaxing.

    The views from both sides of Pitlochry Dam are perfectly delightful. However, if you wish to press on, take the path to the right once you have crossed the dam and follow this along the loch in front of Fonab Castle Hotel to an opening that takes you very briefly near the A9, so maybe any off-lead dogs and small children could be secured at this stage. From here, a perfectly good pavement takes you along the quiet Foss Road to Clunie Bridge – where the Killiecrankie walk picks up on our map above.

    Pitlochry accommodation for walkers

    Phase 2 – Clunie Bridge to Clunie Dam (Idyllic Picnic Spot) and Spardon Wood, then press on for Linn of Tummel, or return to Clunie Bridge and Pitlochry Town

    Now’s the time to take a choice. Either cross Clunie Bridge, heading back to town via Pitlochry Boating Staion, or press onwards. Your walk could take you to Clunie Dam and Spardon Wood for some fabulous birds eye views of the most spectacular part of the Tummel Valley, then maybe down to the Loch at Clunie Dam for  picnic before returning to Clunie Bridge and Pitlochry, or you could press on for the Linn of Tummel, across Coronation Bridge to the meeting of the Rivers Tay and Garry. This is a delightful walk alongside tumbling rapids of the Linn of Tummel. When rainfall is sufficient, waterfalls also grace the hillside drops into the river and the mind turns to Hobbits, Elves and Fairies.

    On, then to the Garry Bridge – the next point which gives an opportunity to curtail the walk. Coincidentally, this is also home to Highland Fling Bungee, so fear not should you hear blood-curdling screams upon approach. It really is nothing personal:-

    Accommodation for walkers Pitlochry

     Phase 3 – Another choice to press on to Killiecrankie Visitor Centre ( and maybe a bus back to Pitlochry or the uphill Beallach Route) or to take the route along the opposite side of Loch Faskally to return to Pitlochry

    The last phase of the walk allows one or two more opportunities to curtail – either by pressing on to Killiecrankie Visitor centre (being mindful of the 100 step upward climb) and catching a bus back to Pitlochry, or else by returning along the north facing shore of Loch Faskally via the Boating Station.

    Also from Killiecrankie Centre, it is possible to take the Bealach na Searmoin hillside path back to Pitlochry, though we advise that if this is the preference, to reverse the direction of the entire walk, since this stretch is the hardest on the legs.However, the views and total peace and serenity make the slight effort worthwhile.

    Back at Rosemount Hotel, a warm, cosy bar awaits with a fine stock of malt whiskies. Just the job to put a spring back in your step. A hearty dinner and fireside chat make a perfect end to the most perfect day.

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