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    Pitlochry Places to visit. Spotlight on Dunkeld.

    Things to Do in Pitlochry: Visit Dunkeld

    Pitlochry Places to visit : A short trip to Dunkeld, whilst on a break at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry, is an endearing experience with something for all. The town centre is neat and compact with delightful tearooms, independent shops and galleries. The bridge over the Tay is exceptionally photogenic and a walk along the river banks and up into the hills on either side of the river is highly recommended.

    Dunkeld is located just 12 miles south of Pitlochry, along the A9 and is an ideal place for a morning or afternoon visit whilst on a short break in Pitlochry. The semi ruined Cathedral, set along the banks of the Tay is truly enchanting and links nicely with the walks and trails around the town

    A helpful tourist map-sign at the bridge gives plenty of material to follow, but the following publication, The Dunkeld Paths Leaflet, is also extremely informative and useful. It may be downloaded from here.

    Pitlochry Places to visit – Dunkeld

    For music -lovers, at the Taybank Hotel, there are regular live sessions and live bands performing throughout the season. A great location packed with atmosphere.

    The Taybank

    Also, of huge musical stature, the area is home to Perthshire’s Dougie Mclean, of “Caledonia” and “Perthshire Amber” fame. Dougie has been known to hush a stadium of people, standing alone with acoustic guitar and mic. That is powerful! See our facebook page for a fabulous video recording of Dougie McLean’s “Caledonia”.

    Pitlochry Places to visit – The Hermitage at Dunkeld

    One of the great Pitlochry places to visit is the delightful Hermitage forest walk at Dunkeld. Just across the A9 from Dunkeld, is the Hermitage woodland walk, along the river’s edge to a fabulous waterfall where Salmon may be seen jumping from the end of October

    short break pitlochry -Hermitage


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