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    Places to stay in Pitlochry : Rosemount Hotel

    Places to Stay in Pitlochry

    “Now and then, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy”. . .  Anon.

    Help is at hand if you’re looking for great places to stay in Pitlochry . Rosemount Hotel is a characterful small hotel that offers B&B and DBB deals. We’ve a highly committed staff team that do so much more than clean up and feed our guests. They really want everyone to have a great time and develop close relationships with our visitors to assist them with local knowledge and attention to the small details that make a big difference.
    Additionally, help and advice on booking Perthshire Active Breaks is part and parcel of the pleasure of our day.

    Here are some unbeatable offers for your Pitlochry Holiday

    Have you ever got to the point where there’s a good list of places to stay in your holiday destination of choice, and yet the  decision-making pendulum  swings back and forth, making the booking process increasingly difficult?

    It’s time to prioritise, maybe. You could quickly jot down three important factors in the process. Maybe, this time around, budget is of prime consideration? However, great savings that give rise to a fairly miserable holiday experience are no good at all. Therefore, it could be an idea to add “good reviews” to your list of priorities. Thereafter, considerations such as comfort, friendliness and location may need to be added to the mix in addition.

    Below, we have details of some of our special offers and ways in which you might enjoy having booked one of the great little places to stay in Pitlochry.

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     Because You’re Worth it – Yes, Really!

    The stresses and strains of day-to- day life can creep up on us, so it’s vital to partake in a change of scenery once in a while to protect our physical and mental well-being. Appropriately, Pitlochry is an ideal destination for those wishing to reduce stress levels and get back to nature. For the more energetic, our Perthshire Active Breaks around Pitlochry offer great facilities for an adrenalin boost. If clean air, a fascinating history, a serene atmosphere and stunning scenery sound good to you, Pitlochry could be the perfect destination for your next break.
    If you’re looking for a small friendly place to stay in Pitlochry that has a  welcoming atmosphere and is close to Pitlochry town centre, Pitlochry Theatre and Perthshire’s Active Outdoors centres, then look no further. We’ve a simple secure booking system and can get you on that well-earned break in no time at all.

     Rooms at Rosemount Hotel – One of the Great Places to Stay in Pitlochry

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    De-stress and get back to Nature
    places to stay Pitlochry to de-stress

    Growing numbers of GPs are handing out ‘green prescriptions’ to their patients. Green prescriptions can involve doctors suggesting health-boosting activities and destinations as well as or instead of medication. You might well have been handed a ‘green prescription’ to improve your physical and/or mental health. Pitlochry may be an especially relevant place to head to.

    Places to Stay in Pitlochry for a Getaway Break

    People have been visiting Pitlochry for serenely fulfilling breaks for more than 150 years. Those wishing to remain active whilst holidaying in Pitlochry are catered for wonderfully by the various walking and cycling trails in the area, whilst wildlife lovers flock here constantly to see the deer, squirrels, ospreys and buzzards up close.
    Hotel Breaks and Places to stay in Pitlochry

     A Powerful Tonic

    If everyday life has started to take its toll, why not book a trip to Pitlochry? Calming rural settings such as Pitlochry can ward off stress and depression, lower blood pressure and help you feel more creative and motivated. The smells associated with natural settings can also be incredibly uplifting. Rural environments and countryside activities can benefit people of all ages, and there are many opportunities to get active in this part of the world.
    Rosemount Hotel is one of the friendliest small hotels to stay in Pitlochry. The Rosemount team are renowned for their hospitality, area knowledge and attentive service. The hotel, with its reasonable pricing structure, is an ideal base for lovers of outdoor activities. There are no fewer than 40 miles of trails waiting for you in the area. Whether you’re planning on walking, cycling, hiking, biking or just relaxing,  Rosemount Hotel can cater for you. If you’ve been looking for the finest and most welcoming places to stay in Pitlochry, why not call today?

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    Rosemount Hotel is situated just 5 minutes from the main street. This adds up to a peaceful location which is convenient for all that the town has to offer. We enjoy gorgeous views over the Tummel Valley and then upwards towards Ben Vrackie.

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