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    Re-boot and Re-invigorate

    Perthshire Walking Holidays

    Prescribe your own Green Restorative and Dress for the Occasion

    Folk returning, time and time again, for a Perthshire walking or hiking holiday may have knowledge of a poorly-kept secret. Basically, an increasing number of national health services, throughout the world, are becoming enlightened to some “back to basics” principles. Furthermore, some are taking several more steps in acknowledging the restorative power of nature and are adopting the “Green Prescription”. It might, therefore, be assumed that there is something behind the idea, whose underlying principle is that a prolonged dose of fresh air, combined with being immersed in gorgeous scenery, is good for your health.

    Just about everyone can find a section of the Perthshire walking network that will provide an enjoyable and rewarding source of recreation. Walks vary in length and degree of challenge, so the opportunities to engage in this enjoyable health boost are available to all-comers. One value they all share is stunning and uplifting scenery. Remember that Rosemount Hotel has a number of great short break offers that will provide the perfect basis for a Perthshire walking holiday.

    Perthshire Walking Holidays at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

    Great Value Accommodation for Perthshire Walking Breaks

    Sometimes, the main thrust behind a walking holiday can be all about forgetting the competitive, money-oriented thrust of modern life and simply re-engaging with basics. Costly accommodation, along with all that implied behind generating the funds to pay, can maybe be add odds with the principle. That having been said, a day out in the hills followed by cosy comfort and great hospitality at a sensibly-priced place to stay can complete a fantastic experience without breaking the budget.


    In Scotland, there IS no such thing as Bad Weather!

    The first point of preparation for an enjoyable walking break in Perthshire has to be the gear. Notably, the well-kent Scottish maxim that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” finds a direct application. You will be surrounded by some of the most beautiful vistas you’ve seen in a long time. However, the experience of  those captivating light effects can sometimes be slightly diminished.

    perthshire walking holidays

    Picture an awe-inspiring vista wherein the sunlight has sent sharp shards of titanium white through an ever-changing tumble of clouds. Then, your sense of wonder becomes slightly distracted as a run of water, that just made its way past a poorly fitting collar, makes its way down your back. In addition, you become further removed from this state of bliss by the realisation that your badly-chosen shoes have also allowed a soggy ingress and there is an audible squelch as you walk.

    Notwithstanding, the rain isn’t bad until it gets to places where it makes you feel bad. Therefore, a little organisation and thought in packing for your stay and careful purchase of quality outerwear will add a bolster to the amazing end of your Perthshire walking experience.

    Boot up for Perthshire Walking Holidays

    A walking holiday in Perthshire will bring so many rewards that a little prior investment in some really good gear will pay real dividends. No matter how short the walk, you’ll encounter slightly uneven terrain underfoot in order to get to the good places. Hence, a supportive pair of boots should be number one on your shopping list,  if you invest in nothing else . Guests tell us that good foot and ankle support lets you just get on and enjoy the day. Gone is the risk of the sudden dart of pain that results from an inadvertently mis-placed footfall.

    Scarpa make excellent boots and are recommended by many of our guests. Other excellent brands include La Sportiva, Meindl and Berghaus. The best purchase deals are inevitably found online. However, specialist shops can give you more personal advice that will better match your purchase to your requirements. So, it may be worthy to note that, enroute to your Pitlochry hiking break, we have the excellent Tiso store, near the Inveralmond Roundabout, where such expert advice on the best outdoor gear for your needs is readily to hand.
    Pitlochry Walking Breaks

    Caveat – In making a purchase of walking boots, it is important to realise that wearing in a newly purchased pair of hiking boots has to be a gradual affair, however, so a last-minute purchase of hiking boots will only benefit those planning a longer stay. Of prime consideration after price, are support, durability, water -protection and breathability.


    Perthshire Hiking Holidays at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry

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    Whether you’re planning a relaxing getaway or a thrilling adventure in Pitlochry, our hotel rooms offer the perfect accommodation option. So, why not take a look at our well-appointed rooms and discover their cosy atmosphere, modern amenities, and breathtaking views. From spacious suites to comfortable single rooms, each one is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and convenience during your stay. Immerse yourself in the warm ambiance, unwind in comfy beds, and wake up to picturesque landscapes. Our Pitlochry hotel rooms are the ideal retreat after a day of exploring the charming town and its surrounding natural beauty. Waking, refreshed, the next day, there’s a delicious breakfast and the prospect of joyful adventure to put a zing in your step. Book your stay with us and experience the perfect blend of Scottish hospitality and unparalleled comfort.

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    Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry is ideally located for walking holidays in Perthshire. We have a variety of levels of accommodation to suit all budgets. Requirements for flexible mealtimes for walkers and hikers are always considered and reasonable requests for early/late meals are usually met, given adequate notice. Packed lunches are also available. See our Pitlochry Hotel deals page for some great Pitlochry accommodation special offers

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