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    Some Tips for Booking Accommodation in Scotland

    Booking Accommodation in Pitlochry Scotland

    Time to Relax and Press “Pause”

    Booking accommodation Scotland can be rather like tucking into a feast of plenty. You might discover, two thirds of the way through, that you’ve no room left for the best parts of the banquet. One thing’s for sure – you’ll never cover the bounty of this fabulous country in one visit. Sometimes its a good idea to tuck straight into the centre and work your way around and this is where we’d like to help you by suggesting that you book to stay in accommodation in a location in central Scotland, such as a hotel in Pitlochry Perthshire, and explore the country radially from there.

    How May We Help You?

    Hopefully, we’ll inform your plans with advice from our observations of 30 years in the industry. We’d also like to tell you a little about Pitlochry. This fabulous Highland Town lies at the geographic centre of Scotland and is a great base for touring. In particular, it is home to some cosy, comfortable Scotland accommodation at the small and friendly Rosemount Hotel in Pitlochry centre.

    Booking Hotels in Pitlochry

    Booking Hotels in Pitlochry

    Booking Hotels in Pitlochry

    Booking Hotels in Pitlochry

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    Are you looking for something specific?

    Helpful Suggestion – Book Holiday Accommodation Scotland that is Centrally Located and Tour from there

    Firstly, when you’ve been in the small hotel industry for a good few years, you develop a kind of parental worry about your guests. You really want them to enjoy their whole holiday. Certainly, you work hard to make sure they have the best possible time whilst staying in your own particular accommodation. However, there’s a definite anxiety when weary travellers turn up at your door, piles of cases in hand, on a mission to hurtle along as many miles as possible.

    Be Sure to Take Time to Savour the delights of your Holiday in Scotland

    The old Scottish holiday routine of grabbing B&B along the way, on a tour of Scotland, has lost its charm in a faster-paced world. Notably, those friendly Tourist Offices, with be-kilted, smiling assistants that nurtured you through the delights of this experience, are closing or re-structuring. (Cold word!). Instead, they are becoming replaced by a frenzied process of stressing about getting the next place booked. Many guests seem to spend increasing amounts of valuable holiday time pouring over the internet, scouring maps, and trying to find the next night’s hotel accommodation, only to discover that everywhere’s full.

     accommodation scotland

    Press Pause!

    It really doesn’t have to be like this and the reason is simple. Most of central Scotland can be experienced at a relaxed pace from a central base. It’s worthy to note that this can be achieved in a series of circular, non-repeating tours from Pitlochry Scotland. At Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry Scotland, we have identified a two-week programme of non-repetitive touring from our very door. For rest days there are many delights and healthy outdoor pursuits in the Pitlochry area that can fill your day with happy memories.

    Rosemount Hotel Accommodation Pitlochry Scotland

    We propose making us “home” for a spell. Let us take the strain of looking after your Pitlochry accommodation and relaxation needs. We can also suggest some amazing trips along circular routes that help you experience the delights of central Scotland.

    Big Hotel, Small Hotel or B&B?

    Additionally, here’s another important question to address ahead of time, namely, the size and type of accommodation required. Whilst many enjoy the formality of a large hotel, equally, some prefer to loosen the collar off a bit and keep things small and friendly. B&B’s in Scotland have an exceptional reputation for quality. The downside can be that the best ones fill very quickly and are often not available for later bookings, especially at weekends.

    Small Hotel vs B&B

    Small Hotels are very similar to B&B’s in their informal friendliness. However, I would suggest that greater staffing resources mean you’ll get more personal attention at a small hotel. This type of Pitlochry accommodation has additional facilities, such as the opportunity to take dinner and enjoy a drink of an evening, which can also tip the balance in their favour.

    Great Scotland Accommodation Deals

    Lastly: Here are some special offers for accommodation and breakfast available at Rosemount Hotel Pitlochry. Dinner is available as an added extra.

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